Tips to Eliminate Money Stress From Italian Investor Visa Process

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Immigration sounds like a daunting challenge, but the destination makes a difference. Italy is one of the most coveted options as it has multiple citizenship routes. You can land as a citizen by following the descent, marriage, or naturalization route according to your eligibility. But you may qualify even if you are not eligible through either of these alternatives. 

The investor visa route lets you start from scratch as a resident and eventually reach your citizenship goal. However, the investment part is daunting because not everyone has millions to spare. You can apply with Bersani Law Firm&Partners to get in with a better understanding of the financial aspects of the Italian investor visa. Let us share some tips to eliminate money stress from the process.

Pick an investment option according to your capacity

Knowing that the Italian investor visa offers different investment alternatives is enough to reduce your stress. You can access it with a starting investment of €250,000, so you need not worry about arranging millions. Dig deep to understand your options and choose one that matches your capacity and preferences. There couldn’t be an easier way to begin your journey as an aspiring immigrant. 

Show income proof to support your family

Migrating to another country is a new beginning, and you expect your family to be a part of it. But bringing huge sums for every family member is impossible unless you are a billionaire. However, the Italian investor visa makes family immigration a breeze as you do not have to bring anything on the behalf of your loved ones. The only condition to fulfill is to show income proof to validate the capacity to support them. 

Deposit the funds for a bank statement

Uncertainty leads to anxiety as you cannot be sure about immigration until you complete the formalities. The process gets even more daunting when money is involved. But the Italian investor visa is inherently stress-free in this context. You need not invest anything during the process. The only formality is to deposit the said funds in a bank account and get a statement as proof of funds for obtaining a nulla osta (certificate of no impediment).

Bring the money along while landing 

Remember to bring your funds along while landing in Italy with an investor visa. You must get the committed investment within three months of getting a residence permit, which happens right after entering the country. If you miss the deadline, you will probably have to return to your homeland. It is better to keep the money ready on time to avoid last-minute hassles.

Ensure readiness for a long-term investment

Being ready for long-term investment is another valuable piece of advice for people applying for an Italian investor visa. Consider it a worthy investment as it gets you one of the best passports for yourself and your family. You can qualify for citizenship by naturalization by spending a decade in Italy and holding the funds intact throughout this period. 

While you have to bring a considerable investment required for the Italian investor visa, the route is the safest. You can also follow these simple money tips to eliminate stress from the process.

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