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6+ Different Ways to Stick to a Budget in Tricky Situations, Like Gambling Online

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If there is something that the financial hardships of the past years have taught us all is the importance of sticking to a budget. And, since 2019, the portion of the US population who budget successfully has grown by over 12 percentage points, reaching an all-time high of 80%. 

But, while Americans are budgeting now more than ever, it is not always possible to keep up on how much you spend. 

No matter whether it’s a shopping spree, an online gambling session, an impromptu holiday, or a night out with friends, it is always too easy to go over budget with a gambling addiction – but not with the tips below!

Plan Ahead and Create a Budget

While this might sound counterproductive, the best way to stick to a budget is to have one in the first place. 

Knowing how much you can comfortably spend without throwing your personal finances off balance can help you make the right arrangements that will keep you out of trouble when you are having fun. 

Avoid Contactless Payments

Whether it’s Apple Pay or a contactless credit card, “tap to pay” devices are incredibly safe, convenient, and efficient. 

However, when you find yourself in tricky situations, these payment methods can become a double-edged sword, especially now that spending limits have increased to $200. 

If you feel like you can’t trust yourself to stick to a budget, consider leaving your contactless card and Apple Watch at home and opt for a standard chip-and-PIN card. 

Pro tip – if leaving your contactless card at home isn’t an option, use your mobile banking app to set a spending limit. 

Use a Different Form of Currency (e.g. Crypto) So You Can’t Spend Directly From Your Bank Account

Sticking to a spending budget becomes all the more difficult when completing transactions online – especially when you are enjoying an online gambling session. 

As well as betting responsibly, consider choosing one of the top crypto casinos and using your crypto wallet to deposit funds and withdraw winnings. This can prevent you from accidentally draining your savings account and can even offer significant capital gain potential. 

Withdraw a Certain Amount of Cash and Stick to It

If you have been caught in an unexpected situation where you might end up misspending your savings, consider finding an ATM and withdrawing a specific amount of cash. 

This will work as your budget for the day or the night, and you can enjoy your purchases without having to worry about the impact that a little impromptu fun might have on your finances!

Pro Tip – If you are abroad, make sure to research the different ATM fees in advance and choose one that allows you to withdraw funds without running into exorbitant fees. You can even save them on Google Maps and always know where the best nearby ATM is!

Leave Your Credit Card at Home and Use a Prepaid Debit Card

According to studies, using a credit card activates the reward center of the brain. This can cause users to spend more than they wish to by indulging in more expensive purchases, engaging in impulse-buying behavior, and giving larger tips.

What’s more, using a credit card in tricky situations can cause a significant debt that you might not be able to repay in time to avoid late-payment fees. 

Luckily, you can practice better self-control by swapping your credit card for a prepaid or reloadable debit card – just for a few hours. This might not help you accumulate rewards, but it can certainly safeguard your finances!

Keep an Eye on How Much You Are Spending

While it might be daunting to look at your bank account after a shopping spree or a late-night gambling session, the best thing you could do to keep your finances in check is to assess how much you have spent. 

This simple tip allows you to immediately put into action a contingency plan, limit the damage, and start rebuilding your financial stability.

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