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King of Glory – Is It Good for Online Betting?

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When e-sports first hit the scene, the emphasis was on desktop games. More people had access to desktops, and smartphones were not yet modified enough to run heavy games. But times have changed, and mobile phones can pretty much do anything under the sun. That’s why more people have started playing and wagering on mobile games. Looking at most betting forums and bookie offers, you will notice an upward trend in the uptake of mobile games. And if you are thinking of venturing into these waters and trying King of Glory betting, you are in luck. This game has unique features that make it a good choice for your next wager. 

What is King of Glory?

King of Glory was introduced in 2015 but is yet to gain much traction in the gaming scene because it’s a bit complex compared to the other somewhat straightforward games. It features a multiplayer battle arena, much like the big games like Dota 2 and League of Legends. The gameplay that follows a 5v5 format is pretty much the same, save that King of Glory is a mobile game! 

The players work together to destroy the opponents’ base and to keep them from destroying theirs – it sounds like an easy challenge, but it takes a lot of work to get it done. All players have unique abilities such that the strength or weakness of one player spells success or doom for the others, respectively. You can see there are many moving parts, but after watching a game or two, you will get the hang of how it works.

A game will generally take about 15 minutes, during which a lot of action goes down. Of course, if you compare this with other games, the time is on the lower side. But given how much back and forth takes place, you will get an adrenaline kick you would not believe.

Should You Bet on King of Glory?

We won’t put on a façade and claim that betting on this game is easy. You will face a few challenges. One is that there are many betting options, and the sheer volume of these can frustrate you. Two is that the gaming activities are pretty complicated, owing to the game setup. But once you have worked through these challenges, you will be in for quite a treat. What are they?

  1. Big Payouts: This game currently boasts more than $60 million in awarded prize money. And that means that those gamers and bettors who take this game seriously end up making a lot of cash. 
  2. Short Games: The games take an average of 15 minutes, making it easy to follow the action even when handling other tasks. And given that many sites now stream the action live, you never have to worry about missing a pivotal moment.
  3. Tons of Bookies: While this game is relatively new, bookies have not shied away from offering it on their sites. That allows you to find a reliable website and place wagers on a safe platform, allowing you to get what’s yours.
  4. Various Forums: If you are ever stuck on how to wager on this game or want to join a community of like-minded people, you are sure to find one online. And that can help you sharpen your wagering skills.

These factors make this game a good choice for anyone, regardless of gaming expertise.

How Can You Win?

Are there any strategies you can use to boost your winning chances? Like you would do when wagering on any online game, there are some handy tips you can use to make it in the King of Glory betting scene. These are:

  • Learning how the game works: Before you even wager on the game, watch a few matches and understand how the players go about the gameplay. It will give you an idea of what makes a strong team and what warning signs you can look for when selecting a winner.
  • Figuring out the bets: There are several bets you can make on this game, including match winner, totals, and total kills. They all have their upsides and downsides. Start with the basic wagers, and once you have mastered the game, you can try the more complex wagers with higher payouts.
  • Noting the main events: The top championships boast huge prize pools. And while this mainly attracts gamers, it also works to the advantage of the punters. That’s because these games attract so much interest, boosting the odds and payouts on most betting sites. So, as your favorite team celebrates a win, you can also bag something to take home.
  • Staying updated: You will need to keep researching teams and players and keeping in touch with what’s happening in the gaming world. It allows you to hone in on opportunities and avoid backing teams that will likely lose.

Most importantly, you will need to back your bets with facts rather than how you feel. Betting based on emotions often results in losses and can have you chasing losses. While it’s great to trust your gut, this is one of those times when you will need to remain objective.

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