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Blockchain Marketing Strategy Best Practices, Tips, Strategies

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A blockchain project can’t be successful without a solid blockchain marketing strategy. Pure enthusiasm is not enough to deal with the fierce competition in the business sector. More and more companies are trying their luck with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. For example, the global investment in blockchain-powered solutions makes up $11.7 billion in 2022. Crypto projects are about to reach almost $5 billion by 2023.

Blockchain marketing strategy in 2022

New blockchain and crypto projects need advanced resources to maximize their potential. They need a holistic marketing strategy that takes over various digital channels. Blockchain digital marketing with can be of great assistance. Let’s see what they can help you with.

What is a blockchain marketing strategy?

A blockchain marketing strategy is based on traditional digital marketing as it also addresses marketing verticals. At the same time, it covers marketing blockchain and other crypto projects. It approaches savvy customers who rely on data-driven information.

When you create new crypto products or blockchain-as-a-service solutions for B2B customers, you can use content marketing, social media, and email marketing. Potential investors, buyers, and traders are expected to do detailed research to make accurate purchase decisions.

Why is having a blockchain marketing strategy important?

The productivity of blockchain projects is based on the right promotion strategy that addresses your target audience specifically. This is where you need to specify valuable content about your blockchain or crypto project.

A great deal of your target audience involves experts in the blockchain sector. So generic marketing strategies aren’t going to be effective. They will simply be ignored. For maximum efficiency, you should elevate your marketing efforts and develop content experiences that come up with the right information. More importantly, you should leverage resources that can be potentially used for research purposes in the blockchain digital marketing strategy.

Blockchain marketing strategy: 4 proven tips

The development of the blockchain marketing project requires an effective strategy. The given tips will help you achieve the desired result:

1. Use communities to your advantage

Cryptocurrency and blockchain fans stay together in online communities like Reddit. They talk about various cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin, share trading strategies, and discuss the future of the crypto market.

The crypto community is an important component

To keep in touch with these users, your content marketing should keep your brand constantly sound in the subreddit. Don’t forget to provide value to users by sharing guides and answering questions. The best crypto subreddits include but are not limited to:

  •         r/Crypto_General
  •         r/CryptoCurrencies
  •         r/Altcoin
  •         r/CryptoMarkets

2. Focus on reputation management

Your reputation is essential to the success of your crypto marketing strategy. This is especially important if you want to attract local and foreign investors. Make sure your presence on social media platforms demonstrates a great level of authority. Provide detailed information about your team, services, credentials, and previous accomplishments in order to get closer to your audience.

A good strategy will encourage the formation of objective reviews and testimonials. You should make them easily accessible on social media. You can do the same thing with news, press releases, articles, and blog posts from other resources.

3. Get your project listed

Some websites decide to cooperate with startup projects trying to spur conversations about their brand. On the Internet, you can find the most attractive blockchain-based startups that might be interesting to the community.

Product listings can be stated on the homepage. For more convenience, product listings can be followed by active promotion efforts from your side.

A must-have strategy makes you become part of the Product Hunt community. You can discuss some of the following topics:

  •         Marketing and SEO
  •         Additional projects
  •         Launch tips and tricks
  •         Time management
  •         Market and project growth
  •         Instruments for developers, etc.

4. Level up your content marketing

Blockchain digital marketing projects need something more than simple blog posts and social media promos. Instead, they need to restructure their content development strategy and include their information blocks. Case studies, white papers, and visual pitch decks are only some examples to consider.

Blockchain digital marketing in 2022

You should plan how to reach your target audience using the pieces of content. With a time-tested method, it is crucial to add information to your email marketing strategy. For example, you can open access to industry reports on your website. Feel free to use them as real magnets for prospective leads.

Hire a blockchain marketing agency

Are you looking for an effective cryptocurrency marketing strategy? Do you need the one encouraging more traffic to your blockchain project’s homepage? A well-reputed marketing agency can help you develop a solid plan.

With NinjaPromo, you can get a blockchain marketing strategy that suits your project’s needs and preferences. You will also get assisted with NFT advertising, influencer marketing, referral programs, press releases, and other activities. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Don’t miss your chance to succeed in the world of blockchain tech.

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