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How To Make Money in College Without a Job

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College life can be stressful at times – from juggling classes to reading for exams, socialization, and sleep, you need to know how to manage your time effectively. For most individuals, college is the first place and time they’ve had to manage their finances on their own, which can be challenging, especially at this time when living cost is high. 

Luckily, there are many things a student can do to make money. Traditional jobs often come with rigid hours which might not fit around your schedule. The best solution is finding a flexible way to make cash in college without a real job. One such thing is freelance writing. When you Google, “can I pay someone to write my college essay online,” you will find many writing companies such as Edusson and others advertising to do this. If you’re a good essay writer, you can take advantage of this lucrative industry and start writing for others during your free time. Below are other ways to make money in college:

Become a Freelance Social Media Manager

Top companies know that social media is a powerful tool to build brand awareness with clients. However, most entrepreneurs don’t have the time or skills to run social media accounts and learn about new platforms such as TikTok. You can pitch to one of these companies and volunteer to handle their social media at a small fee. You can increase your rates when you become more experienced. 

Sell Your Study Materials

Someone might’ve mentioned, “you’re so good at taking notes.” Or they might have said how easy to follow and well-organized your notebooks and journals are. You can consider selling your notes and summaries for other college students to buy.

Note that you’ll have to digitize them to make it easier for interested people to consume them. It’s an excellent way to earn cash while getting a chance to pay more attention to your materials. You can connect with buyers by advertising on campus to help learners directly in your school or classes. There are also platforms such as Classful or Stuvia that allow you to sell reading materials anywhere there are readers.

 Sell Plasma

One might think, isn’t it vampiric to sell my blood so I can make money in college? But if you’re objective, it’s an incredible thing to do for other humans and an acceptable way of making money.

Plasma is the clear and vicious part of your blood and is essential among individuals with different chronic diseases. Selling this medical resource is reasonably painless. Usually, you’ll visit a medical centre and get a physical test. After a specialist does your medical background, you can now donate. They extract it by inserting a small needle into the arm.

Most plasma places allow one person to donate twice weekly, earning you $50-100 depending on your locality. Some people reported tenderness or bruising at the injection area, but it gets easier each time.

hand holding a roll of 20 dollar bills

Dog Walking or Boarding is an online platform that connects dog lovers and dog owners. If you love pets, you can sign up at the forum and get paid to board or walk dogs, offer housesit or drop-in house visits. The site prides itself on being the largest community of dog walkers and pet sitters, which makes it the right place to get a gig. You only need to write a good biography, set a schedule and wait for a pet owner to contact you.

Sell Unneeded Belongings Online 

Would you be surprised that many people need your unwanted belongings? They can be clothes, old textbooks, electronics, sports equipment, accessories or childhood toys. Although some e-commerce sites specialize in certain types of items – Amazon Trade-In for electronics, for instance – you can consistently market your stuff on platforms such as Facebook.

Take Part in Online Research Studies

Prolific is a platform that brings together researchers and participants. You can sign up at the website today and start earning. To register, you’ll begin by answering several screening questions. Ensure you provide quality answers because it helps the platform establish your demographics and help them match participants and studies. 

Most studies involve completing tasks on the internet or answering questions. It’s similar to a survey site but better. First, Prolific only allows starters to participate in studies they qualify for. Also, it is unlike other survey platforms that “disqualify” you when you’re almost finishing a survey to avoid paying you. They’ll always pay for your services if you’ve provided quality answers.

Prolific studies pay much better compared to time spent. Most studies take 2-10 minutes and will pay $0.50 to $3.00. A study might be more extended, but it will pay more. You can receive as much as $15 for one. Quick and short questionnaires make up most of these studies. The best thing is every available research indicates how much you’ll earn and approximates how much time you’ll spend on it before you start. Having such information upfront is very important. The number of studies you can take in a day varies because they’re available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The site might alert you via email, letting you know that they have an open slot for a particular study. However, the best tip is to visit Prolific frequently in a day and pick up new studies as they appear.

If you don’t want to work with Prolific, you can market yourself on multiple platforms, such as Fiver and conduct investment research for businesses. Such a study provides crucial information on a business’s future and current prospects, determining whether investing in the industry makes financial sense. Most investors will need investment research because they want to recoup their funding and also make good profits. You will aim to provide specific information prospective investors might need regarding a company so that they can make a well-information investment decision. You’ll look at risk, the company’s history, cash flow, and more.


Tuition aside, campus life is costly. Everything a student does cost money, and getting your parents to send you hundreds of dollars every time you want to do something is not easy. But it’s not as tough as you think to make extra dollars in college. For anyone stretched for time and short on cash, the methods discussed in this article are a fun way to make money without getting a physical job. Although off-campus jobs might be a fast way to make extra cash, not many pay above minimum wage, accommodate your education activities and classes and leave you with enough time to have fun.

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