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Upside vs Gasbuddy App Comparison: Gas App Referral Code Bonus For You

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Upside vs Gasbuddy App Comparison: Which Gas App Will Save You More?
Although motorists may agree that gas prices are currently lower these days, they are still higher than they were a year ago. When you factor in the ongoing erosion of monthly household incomes due to inflation, it’s easy to see why so many people are so focused on finding cheap gas close to home. Finding the lowest gas prices used to require additional gas-guzzling by driving around. Thankfully, there are now a plethora of apps that can perform the searches for you. Most of these apps show current gas prices, so there’s no need to waste time driving around anymore. Before you even leave the house, you’ll know where to go. GasBuddy and Upside are two apps that provide this information clearly and offer a wide range of customization options. Which is preferable, though, Upside vs Gasbuddy, and why?


GasBuddy is one of the earliest gas-shopping apps, and it’s free and widely used. Users can look up gas prices through their phones’ location services, by entering a zip code or city, or by retailer. The business makes money by sharing your location data through advertisements and market research, which is of great value to the gas industry. GasBuddy has recently introduced a free rewards card program that offers users up to $.25 per gallon back on gas and links to a checking account so that users can pay for gas with this method within the app. In addition to the app, the service is also accessible via web browser for those users who encounter difficulties with the app itself. GasBuddy also offers some useful features. The trip cost calculator estimates the amount of money you will spend on gas for a given trip based on the origin and destination points you enter. A consumer can see if the gas station they plan to visit has above-average prices by using Fuel Insights, which provides the average price per gallon in a given area. Apply promo code EC3F9LA for a referral bonus.


The Upside gas app is also available for no cost and has a sizable user base. The business generates revenue through in-app bonuses it offers to its customers. When compared to GasBuddy, this app does not share user information, which some users might prefer. Upside is able to offer its users cash back by partnering with businesses to do so. This includes over 45,000 gas stations across the United States, where users can receive up to $.25 back per gallon. Downloading the app, making a profile, and linking a PayPal or financial account are the prerequisites for taking advantage of the bonuses on offer. If the user pays for gas with a credit or debit card, he or she can earn rewards by uploading a photo of the receipt to Upside. When Upside recognizes a linked card making a gas station purchase, it also prompts the user to upload the receipt so they don’t miss out on the rewards. There is a $1 fee for cashouts under a certain amount, $15 for PayPal, and $10 for bank accounts, but users can choose to receive their rewards via PayPal, bank deposit, or electronic gift cards.


So which gas app will earn you more money back, Upside vs Gasbuddy? This depends on the user’s own habits. GasBuddy is easier to use with its in-app link to a financial account, making it easy for the app to track all gas purchases with little more than a tap-to-pay at checkout from the user. Upsides requires more user input, with the extra step of scanning paper receipts every time. On the other hand, GasBuddy sells user data and Upsides does not, so users might prefer the extra step with the extra privacy over GasBuddy. Both apps, when used regularly, will save the user roughly the same amount.


1. Must users have a smartphone to use these apps?

For those comparing Upside vs Gasbuddy in terms of access, users of GasBuddy can utilize the service on a website, but Upsides is only accessible via an app, so users must have a device that can run it.

2. How can users maximize their savings on these apps?

Several users of both of these apps recommend making use of a rewards points credit card with these gas apps that gives cashback rewards on gas purchases, such as the Citi Premier card, which gives 3X points on gas purchases, allowing the customer to double dip into rewards for using both the card and the app.

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