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Shipt Review: How Does Delivering for Shipt Work to Make Money in 2023?

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A Review of Shipt: Make Money as a Shopper

Due in large part to the proliferation of mobile devices, there appears to be no limit to the variety of side jobs one can do in order to supplement one’s income. Shipt is a solid entry point for those interested in the gig economy. This is an on-demand grocery delivery service staffed by freelancers. There is a commission based on the total cost of the order, and users can earn extra money just for doing their own grocery shopping and delivering the food to their customers. So just how does Shipt work? This Shipt review tells you what you need to know to get started.

How Does Shipt Work

The contract workers for Shipt are called “Shoppers.” These Shoppers can sign up for shifts as far in advance as five days. For other users placing grocery orders, the schedule displays the times when a Shopper is available. As soon as a user places a grocery order, a Shopper can accept it. Before accepting an order, Shoppers can view its details, including its total earnings and destination. When people order groceries online, they can choose a delivery radius, and contract workers can choose to only take orders in a certain area, which is helpful for bicycle deliveries.

The Shopper app is distinct from the customer app, unlike other services, and Shoppers are not obligated to fulfill every order that comes through. When compared to other grocery shopping services, which don’t reveal the order size or final destination until the order is accepted, this one has many advantages. In response to an accepted order, the Shopper drives to the store, picks up the requested items, and then pays for them using the Shipt Shopper app. Once finished, the Shopper will bring the food to the destination. Shipt’s Shoppers can accept multiple orders simultaneously, which is convenient when there are several customers placing orders at the same store, like Walmart. Competing shopping apps like Instacart do not have the capability of simultaneously processing multiple orders, something other Shipt reviews like to point out.

Shipt Shoppers earn a commission of $5 plus 7.5% of each order they fulfill. As an example, a $12.50 commission is earned for processing a $100 order. Estimating an hour’s work, the Shopper’s hourly rate would be $12.50. Tipping is where Shoppers make the bulk of their money. Though Shoppers are assured a commission on every order, most earn $15 or more per hour after factoring in tips, all of which are kept by the Shopper.

How to Make Money with Shipt Effectively

So how does Shipt work to make Shoppers money? Accepting multiple orders at once at the same store is one strategy used by seasoned Shipt Shoppers to maximize earnings and save time. Some Shipt Shoppers make $25 or more per hour by quickly and accurately completing multiple orders at once. Using the app to keep in touch with customers, greeting them warmly, letting them know you’ve arrived, and asking if they need anything else to complete their purchase are a few other options. According to several Shipt reviews by Shoppers, delivering orders requires a positive demeanor and a smile at all times, as well as the option to bring the groceries inside if the customer requests it. Shoppers with experience with Shipt recommend scheduling shifts on Sundays and Mondays, the company’s busiest days. One tactic is to not ignore orders of any size. Although a commission of $6 or $7 may not seem like much, it can quickly add up if you take a number of small orders at the same store. Shipt Shoppers should file their taxes as self-employed individuals and, as such, should keep detailed records of their business expenses, including mileage and gas. If the Shipt order contains perishables like meat or eggs, the shopper should bring a sturdy cooler bag and a thermal bag.


There are other ways to make money delivering food to customers, and Shipt isn’t exactly a household name like GrubHub or Instacart, but it manages to hold its own surprisingly well. It’s a great complement to services like Uber Eats and DoorDash, and it’s smart to work for as many delivery services as possible to maximize your earnings. Picking up an Instacart order from a grocery store where two other Shipt orders are also requested is a great way to increase your earnings. The true benefit of Shipt, like many other part-time gig jobs, is that it can be worked around your existing schedule and routine. Shipt is a great option for those seeking a flexible schedule and additional income. Hopefully this review has helped you answer the question “how does Shipt work” and how to maximize your earnings as a Shopper.


1. Does Shipt provide shopping accessories like thermal bags and coolers to its drivers?

Unlike GrubHub which offers a hot bag to its drivers after the first delivery, Shipt does not offer such equipment independently. However, all of these items can be deducted from your taxes.

2. How does Shipt pay its drivers?

Shoppers can choose between daily instant payments and weekly direct deposits by linking a bank account during signup.

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