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Can You Turn Fetch Rewards into Cash Using Fetch Rewards App?

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How to Turn Fetch Rewards Into Cash

You may be wondering how you can convert the Feth points you’ve earned by scanning receipts with the Fetch Rewards app into actual currency if you’ve been using the app consistently. Fetch Reward points are not worth a dollar per point, but rather, one thousand Fetch Points is equal to a dollar. Depending on the specific reward you’re trying to redeem your points for, this may also vary slightly. But can you turn Fetch Rewards into cash? Let’s examine the steps necessary to convert Fetch Points into real money so you can put them to good use. Apply referral code: 55AGK for 2,000 free bonus fetch reward points.

Fetch Rewards Point System

You should know that in order to process points in your Fetch bank, you need to have at least 3,000 points in your account to proceed.

  • To access your rewards, launch the app and select the “Rewards” option from the menu.
  • To find what you’re looking for in the rewards section, you can use one of three options: available points, a custom search, or “view all.”
  • Decide on the incentive that most interests you.
  • Confirm the points redemption.
  • Allow 1-3 business days for the reward to be processed. When complete, it will show up in your “Rewards” section. Email notifications are also sent out to account holders at this time.

Ways to Spend Fetch Reward Points

So can you turn Fetch Rewards into cash? While Fetch does not directly pay you for your work (likely as a security measure to prevent fraud and the use of fake receipts), there are workarounds to ensure you receive a consumable reward. The user can redeem points for a wide variety of rewards, including gift cards to popular stores like Walmart, Amazon, Target, and many more. A Visa gift card, good for purchases at any Visa-accepted location, is also available. All of the other gift card options are electronic codes emailed to the user, who then enters them into the mobile app for that service. Visa, on the other hand, allows you to choose between a virtual and physical card. A physical card will be sent via postal service within seven to ten business days. It’s important to remember that virtual Visa cards can only be used for purchases made online.

Converting Fetch Reward to Cash

There are a few more steps involved in turning your Fetch points into cash once you’ve earned them. A PayPal Personal account and access to a PayPal Business account are required before you can cash in your points. To do this, you must use a VIRTUAL Visa card. After adding the Visa card to the PayPal Business account, funds can be transferred to the PayPal Personal account. Make the wire transfer using the Visa reward card. When money is deposited into a PayPal Personal account, it can be transferred to a bank account. Take into account any transfer fees for all of these services.


Fetch offers a wide range of methods for users to redeem points into rewards they can use. Despite the array of options from retailers, however, the most versatile way to make use of your Fetch points is to opt for the Visa card. And what of the question “can you turn Fetch Rewards into cash?” Based on the above, yes you can, but it’s clear that redeeming points for cash is a lengthy and complicated process and that a Visa gift card would be more convenient than trying to figure out how to convert points into cash. Apply referral code: 55AGK for 2,000 free bonus fetch reward points.


1. Is there a minimum age requirement to use Fetch Rewards?

Anyone who wants to use this service must be at least 18 years old.

2. Do points expire?

If you haven’t used your Fetch account in 90 days, such as by scanning any receipts or redeeming any rewards, your points will be deleted. However, if you keep using the app, your points will remain valid until you redeem them.

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