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Financial Planning Software for Financial Advisors

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The role of financial advisor is never an easy one. Life is unpredictable in nature, and the current crises facing the world make it even more so. The financial world is unstable, as inflation rises and the cost of living continues to increase. Energy is a precious commodity, political unrest is prevalent, and life becomes ever more volatile. Helping your clients to make wise decisions about their finances, their estate, their future, is increasingly challenging. To cope with these modern problems, you need modern solutions. In many cases, these modern solutions come in the form of technology and software.

Software Solutions for Every Problem

For many financial advisors today, it’s difficult to imagine a time when technology didn’t play a part in the role. Professionals in the field finance from independent advisers to accountants have become reliance on the financial software that is available today designed to assist them and creating reliable plans for the future of their clients. Financial advisors face unique challenges hence the need for bespoke software solutions to assist them in their role. One of the most common programs is financial planning solutions such as estate planning software for financial planners although the tools are not limited to this one aspect. Many financial advisers use software solutions when it comes to managing customer relations, managing their portfolio, analysing investments, or dealing with trading and rebalancing. Here are a few examples of the software products in high demand from financial advisors:

  • Financial planning software. This allows for the analysis of cash flow, making long term plans and developing tax strategies.
  • Customer relationship management software. This records and organises the information of clients, improves processes and enhances communication.
  • Trading or rebalancing software. This powerful tool both automates and coordinates the transactions within a portfolio. 
  • Portfolio management software. On the subject of portfolios, this software allows financial advisors to improve the understanding and management of the assets held by their clients. 
  • Risk tolerance software. Financial planning is never without risks hence why this kind of software is so important. Risk tolerance software works to find and deal with both hidden and obvious portfolio risks.
  • Investment analytics software. Data is vital to financial planning and this software provides a record of all the data and information in regard to client’s securities and other investments.
  • Document management software. A challenge for many financial advisers comes from the sheer quantity of documents that is involved with financial planning. This useful software solution makes the transmission and storage of documents and the retrieval of signatures a lot simpler.

Many different companies, even those outside the field of financial planning, use the software groups listed above. Document management software, customer relationship management software, and risk tolerance software can be used across many different industries. However, to meet the unique needs of financial planners some specific software is required. This is where financial planning software programs come into play. 

What Financial Planning Software Can Do

Financial planning software is a powerful multifaceted tool that enables finance firms to manage the finances, forecasting and budgeting processed for the clients. It gives financial advisors the ability to plan and analyse the strategies for their clients across three financial statements, profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flows. The insight of a financial advisor is enhanced greatly by the software ability to support modelling, collaboration and analytics in order to improve the performance of their clients. 

As an example, let’s consider the role of estate planning software. Financial advisors are often faced with the task of dealing with the estate planning of their clients which is a sensitive topic that is challenging to discuss. The conversation can be gently steered in the right direction and a logical approach can be taken with the help of estate planning software. It gives financial advisors the ability to have a clear oversight of their client’s estate, including beneficiaries, important documents, assets, liabilities, living trusts, from one centralised dashboard. The information is stored in secure environment, reducing the risk of important documents getting lost. Beneficiaries can be kept in the loop with the collaboration tools involved that help people and participants to work together throughout the whole planning process. Time consuming tasks can be sped up considerably through automation, with no room for mistakes made my human error in high pressure situations with deadlines on the horizon. This efficiency improves the experience for the client while also boosting the reputation of the business too. When less time is wasted on mundane background tasks, you have more time to invest with your clients, improving the relationship and helping them to trust you with their valuable assets. Many people don’t see the need for estate planning or are maybe reluctant to discuss it just down to it being a depressing and sombre topic. If financial advisors can implement software tools to help them, they can provide a better service, helping their clients to see the importance of estate planning. The difficult topic will be made a whole lot easier with simple, streamlined processes. 

Choosing a Financial Planning Software Solution

Just as financial planning software is unique for financial planners, there will be a particular software that is best suited to each financial advisor and the needs of their clients. Whether you are a large, well established financial firm looking to make software upgrades, or a small business just starting out looking for your first software solution, there will be a brand and particular tool that is best for you. Some advisors would be better off with a simpler, less expensive solution, while others need to make a bigger investment in a tool that is a little more heavy duty or even have needs and resources in paying a software engineer hiring cost. Therefore, it’s important have a full and thorough understanding of the needs of your clients and then find a solution that will suit those needs and provide the best service for your customers. You have their finances and their futures in your hands, so make them capable hands with the help of powerful software solutions.

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