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7 Easy & Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips For Financial Advisors

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Targeting your potential customers on social media is the hardest part of the marketing process, which is why it isn’t covered in this article. You are looking for easy advice, so here is the sort of stuff you won’t read elsewhere, but is so easy that even your intern’s assistant could understand it.

1 – You Are Branding

You are not selling fluffy slippers to bored housewives, or kitten nail polish to lonely middle-aged women. Your company is selling financial security and probably financial independence. You are selling a lifestyle, a life plan and perhaps even selling a whole culture. With that in mind, cheap tricks and gimmicks are not going to work for you. Everything on social media, for you, is going to be an exercise in branding. This means thinking in the middle-to-long term more than in the short term. It means educating people on your brand principles so that they know what you stand for before they know what you offer.

2 – A Single Selling Point

Social media is not built to help businesses become popular and gain customers. Unless you are paying the advertising platforms, you are not going to gain traction easily on social media. The only way you can guarantee long-term success (testable success) is to focus on a single selling point and push it on all your social media accounts. Use your website to push your other selling points and start the selling process. 

You may worry about which selling point you should push (you probably have a lot of them). Go to a website like Fameswap and buy youtube channels or accounts on other social media platforms. Buy ones that have just a few followers and promote your content to each of them. Use a different selling point on each account and see which draws the most website visits and the most conversions. It will help you decide which of your selling points is currently the most effective.

3 – Offer Short Real-Life Success Stories

Firstly, each story must be achingly short or people will become bored. Secondly, the setup needs to be believable, but brief. Thirdly, don’t phrase it from the customer’s point of view because people can see through that. You are the one recounting the story like a doctor describing a patient. Fourthly, people should be able to see the logic in simple terms and in a way that makes them go, “Ah, that was a good idea.”

4 – Be Esoteric and Not

Use the jargon and don’t use the jargon. Forget the fools who tell you that you should sound regular and casual. Ignore the people who say you should keep it real. Esoteric industry-related terms won’t turn people off. They make you seem like you know what you are talking about. Simply ensure you use them in a way where people can understand the meaning of what you are saying through context. This subject is tough to judge because it all depends on the type of customer you are targeting. You are going to use different language for real-estate entrepreneurs than you are for people whose various family-legacy investments have just started liquidating. 

5 – Alienate People

Lots of flies buzz around the financial advice marketplace because many people completely misunderstand what a financial advisor does. As a result, you need to scare certain people away, especially if you are using a Pay Per Click system of advertising. Your job is to draw in people who are interested in your services and to scare away the people who are just curious about what you can do. Scare away people who are trying to find stock tips or people who are looking for tax cheats, or people who think that financial advisors make people rich. 

6 – Start With a Smaller Budget

If you are using a social media advertising platform, and you are using advertisements with a Pay Per Click system, then start with a stupidly low budget. Not only will it take the systems a while to correctly place you in their rankings, but it also takes you a long time to master the social media advertising platforms. You are going to get click-farmed where people run your ads over and over again in order to gain click revenue for themselves. You are going to attract the wrong type of people, you are going to use the wrong keywords, and you are going to word your content incorrectly. Once you have started converting people on a regular basis, then you can start bumping up your paid advertising budget to help you scale up your social media marketing.

7 – Don’t Be a Thought Leader

The introduction lied (a little). There is a tip that is often seen in other articles of this nature. They say you should become a thought leader on the subject of financial advice. They tell you to offer up thoughts and insights on social media because it will draw a big following. In some cases, it does. In some cases, being an online financial guru drives a lot of traffic to your social media and your website. The sad part is that it doesn’t generate customers.

Most people float around your content because they believe that it (on its own) is somehow benefiting them; a little like those people who watch other people giving workout advice even though they never work out. The people who actually come to you through your content will still not understand the primary function and structure of your service, and they will only waste your time. Become respected without becoming a “Thought leader” on the subject.

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