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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges And Apps To Use In 2023

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Even though cryptocurrency has grown in popularity in recent years, just a small percentage of consumers have purchased virtual money. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin, Solana, Cardano, and others are among the most popular virtual currencies, with each seeing a lot of action as values rise and fall. 

What is the allure for traders? The opportunity to profit significantly from the volatility of these highly speculative assets. However, users must invest carefully when choosing cryptocurrency. Moreover, users willing to invest should also be alert when choosing the right crypto trading platform. Many platforms and apps have emerged recently, but not all are of good quality. Thus, we have prepared a list of reliable and top exchange and trade apps for you to choose from.


This platform is ideal for everyone who values low and transparent fees. Even though Kraken does not have the lowest fees, at least traders pay for the quality. Moreover, you can check out all the fees before purchasing cryptocurrency rather than being charged afterward because of hidden fees.

Kraken is also ideal for beginners who want to purchase and keep coins on the platform. Experienced traders often store their funds in personal cold wallets, while beginners opt to use in-built wallets. Kraken stores around 98% of funds in cold wallets, so users don’t have to worry about stolen funds.

Kraken offers a wide variety of digital currencies, making it simple to purchase via the Instant Purchase Platform. Moreover, the platform is beginner-friendly due to convenient educational tools and materials. 


It is available in 184 countries, so it’s likely that you can use it without any issues. It offers more than 200 virtual currencies to purchase. It also includes an option to invest in national currencies and precious metals, like gold or silver. Moreover, Uphold uses external wallets, allowing investors to control their own private keys.

The platform was launched back in 2015, so it is a reputable exchange. Uphold has a good customer support system that quickly lets users fix their issues. Moreover, Uphold has a convenient mobile app with a good rating which you can download from the App store and the Play Market. 


One of the largest and top crypto exchanges in Europe is WhiteBIT. This crypto exchange has a user-friendly interface, making purchasing cryptocurrency easier. It has a convenient crypto calculator that lets you see how much of chosen currency you receive for the one you sell.

You can exchange crypto for crypto or buy digital tokens via a credit or debit card. The platform supports six fiat currencies, including USD and EUR. One of the biggest appeals of WhiteBIT is the availability of 350+ trading pairs. 

WhiteBIT is also a safe platform that enables a two-factor authentication (2FA) and protects the platform via Web Application Firewall. Moreover, WhiteBIT ensures criminals don’t use the app for money laundering by enforcing the AML procedure.

The platform has transparent and low fees. It may not be the cheapest crypto exchange, but clients can understand what they are paying for. 


Coinbase is one of the most famous exchanges. It provides cryptocurrency traders and investors with two options: Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. The first option focuses on making crypto purchases simple and fast. It serves as a simple exchange and wallet, allowing users to purchase or sell bitcoin for fiat cash or quickly convert cryptocurrencies.

The second option is a more advanced trading tool for individuals with trading experience. Coinbase Pro features a more complex trading platform with useful tools. Overall, Coinbase is often the top choice among crypto fans.  


eToro is an excellent solution for anyone seeking a way to trade stocks, cryptos, and even securities via a convenient mobile app. eToro provide free stock and ETF trading. Moreover, it’s easy to start with eToro since it has a modern and user-friendly interface. Thus, it often becomes a top crypto choice among beginners who want to exchange fiat currencies for crypto ones. 

Its most appealing feature is copy trading, which allows clients to monitor the trades and portfolios of other successful users. Simply put, this trading tool enables you to copy a successful strategy and gain a passive income. It won’t be huge, but it will be steady.

eToro still has flaws, such as expensive non-trading fees (for withdrawal and currency conversion) and slow customer support.

Final Thoughts

Since their relatively recent surge in popularity, cryptocurrencies have become significantly more accessible to the average investor or beginning traders. But as they say, not all exchanges are made equally good. Thanks to our carefully chosen list of platforms, you can choose the lowest fee crypto exchange. It serves as a simple exchange and best crypto wallet, allowing users to purchase or sell bitcoin for fiat cash or quickly convert cryptocurrencies.

Note: you should check if the chosen exchange operates legally in your country. Some platforms restrict their operations in different countries, states, or regions. 

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