99 Life Mottos I Try to Live By

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Throwback to an ancient piece written in August 3, 2014 by young Albert.

I have always wanted to organize my thoughts that have been often accumulating in my mind. This post serves mostly as a collection of life mottos I try to live by so I can look back to whenever. These were inspired and influenced by a mixture of motivational figures I follow and my own personal experiences and observations.

Look fear in the eyes
Be appreciative
Think of every challenge as a thrill. Every time you feel uneasy, uncomfortable, anxious or nervous, recognize that is what makes life interesting – the journey
Protect the things you cherish
Remember to enjoy life and yourself
Have thick skin
Know when to cut off ties
First and foremost is self-respect
Don’t be afraid to ask, but think before doing so
Be open-minded and put yourself out there
You have to earn your place. No excuses
Don’t be ignorant of wisdom from history or elders
Analyze and learn from past failures
Defy common stereotypes and learn new things, until people have nothing bad to say
Everyone has weaknesses. Improve them
Treat everything as a new refreshing experience
Everything happens for a reason
Catch bad habits. Late is better than never
Own up to your actions
Be realistic and true to yourself. Don’t let pride get in your way
Take reasonable chances
Embrace yourself and your community
Be humble, not spiteful
Don’t become cynical
Look at the bright side of every obstacle. It is your choice to look at the good or the bad
Be understanding and compassionate
When you are tired, don’t over think and sleep
Know your identity
Don’t settle
Focus on building self-confidence, then start talking about living life with no regrets
Don’t look back, look forward
Appreciate the little things every now and then
People have funny, awkward moments. Embrace it
Don’t ever be desensitized by the media
Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Follow your gut and morals
Don’t let the media, grades, or your surroundings define you
Use your best judgement to not care
It is okay to feel jealous as long as it makes you work harder
Retain your innocence
Prepare backup plans and pivot if necessary because life isn’t linear
Don’t sell yourself short
Don’t stress about the negatives, look to the positives
Surround yourself with people you like because life is too short to compromise
You won’t be friends with everyone, but you can try
Use common sense
Find what you tolerate and don’t and cut it out
Learn to not panic when a crisis strikes and adapt
Stand up for what is right if it doesn’t jeopardize your family’s well being
Don’t take everything for face value
Being truthful and honest goes a long way
If you are truly passionate about something, show us you can make a living out of it
If it isn’t fun, don’t do it
Find your confidence whether it be through a new outfit, exercise, or an amazing skill-set
Don’t over think and analyze everything
Don’t get cocky or defensive
Be coach-able and stay hungry for knowledge and wisdom
Choose your words carefully
Be productive
Take constructive criticism
Find your resolve, discover why, and protect it
Be tired of feeling tired and sorry for yourself
Get over yourself
Be presentable because first impressions matter
Know your strengths and weaknesses
There is greater inequality in the world. Don’t let your weaknesses get the better of you
Don’t compare yourself to others for the negatives, but to motivate you
Being a good citizen is a choice and goes a long way
Don’t expect anything in return
Everything in life is a result of a choice or series of choices within or out of your control. Knowing that, set yourself up for success
Take pride in your work. Do a good job or don’t do it at all
Just try your best. The rest doesn’t matter
You will always feel inadequate if you look too long in the mirror
No one can push you harder than yourself. Know your limits
You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, except yourself
There is no proper way to do everything
You don’t need permission
Don’t be judgmental. Everyone has different morals and backgrounds
Not everything is black and white
It is normal to feel demoralized every now and then
Moods are unpredictable so prepare a safety net
You have to like yourself before anything else. If you don’t, make adjustments accordingly
Don’t feel trapped. There is always a way if you keep searching
Don’t think, dream, or wish, just do something until you get there
Be patient with good reason. Your time will come if you are persistent enough
Don’t let fear or desire intimidate you and lower your guard
Just because the finish line is in sight, don’t get hasty
Why leave stuff to chance if it doesn’t have to be?
Be resourceful and don’t feel ashamed to seek help
Be goal oriented and take things day-by-day
Don’t sweat the small stuff
You don’t need people to validate what you already know
You don’t work, you don’t eat
You can be anything you want, but you have to live with the consequences
There are rarely short-cuts in life so if something is too good to be true, probably is
Work smart, not just hard
Don’t take everything too personally
Be proactive for opportunities and seize them even if they may be disguised
Treat yourself to hard-earned free time every now and then. Feeling guilty for having too much free time is a good thing
In most cases, “luck” is created by hard work
Worry about what you can control, not what you can’t
Your approach to life has enormous implications
It is in your best interest to educate yourself and get your money’s worth
Preparation, execution, and confidence is everything
Life is a marathon, not a sprint
Be yourself. Smile more

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