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How to Earn a High Salary with a Manual Trade

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What are Manual Trade Jobs?

Manual Trade Jobs are skill-based jobs that need specialization and training in a particular field. Also known as skilled trade jobs, these don’t require a person to have a full-term degree; just a related short-term course or a certification with the required soft skill set would be enough to have a great start to secure a manual trade job. These jobs include roles in fields like electrical work, carpentry, plumbing, nursing, automotive repair, aircraft repair and more. Manual trade professions like a heavy equipment mechanic, dental hygienist, real estate agent, electrical engineering technician, solar energy system installer and various other similar profiles need qualified and skilled professionals to perform dedicated jobs using special tools, equipment and raw materials.

Increasing Demand for Manual Trade Jobs

Earlier, it was believed that manual trade jobs were entry-level jobs assigned to the new workers who have just entered a field and needed hands-on experience. With time, the trend has changed. In current times, the demand has escalated for people who are skilled in a particular area and have the potential to perform a specific task. As you keep working in the same field for years, it adds a lot to your experience and you become an expert in the industry. Also, your earnings will skyrocket.

Professionals like aircraft technicians, dental hygienists, solar equipment installers, home nursing aids, carpenters, property agents and others are in great demand. People are ready to pay their demanded fees to these workers. One can contact a company or look for service providers online to hire them.

Benefits of Pursuing Manual Trade Jobs:

  •   No full-term graduation degree is required
  •   Endless opportunities available in different sectors
  •   Switching from one job to another is easy
  •   Vocational courses have a nominal fee structure 
  •   Hands-on experience gets richer with time
  •   Securing a job is not necessary as one can be an entrepreneur
  •   An active lifestyle as these jobs require physical work
  •   Stress-free job

Top High-Paying Manual Trade Jobs

While many people might believe that a full-time degree makes it easier to get a high-paying job, one can also procure one of the highest paying trade jobs by pursuing vocational training. Various career paths are available in the IT industry, software, mechanical and electrical industry, nursing services and many other trades that can be followed for a promising future. Job profiles such as equipment mechanics, dental assistants, lab technicians, home nursing aids, industrial mechanics, IT support executives, aircraft mechanics and various other roles guarantee financial stability in a small amount of time.

If you are looking for a high-salaried skill-based job or are desperate for a switch into an industry that seems more interesting and creative while being less complicated then these manual trade jobs might interest you:

  1. Construction manager – If you possess good mathematical skills and leadership quality, then the role of a construction manager might suit you. A construction manager is responsible for supervising construction projects at every step. Right from the planning phase to ensuring safety in a structure, it is his job to administer each process. The more experience, the better salary offered.   
  2. Dental Assistant – A dental assistant or hygienist has to perform reporting and documentation regarding a patient’s treatment. Performing preliminary mouth examination, cleaning teeth and taking tests should be carried out by a hygienist. Being a healthcare industry job, its demand is always on the rise.
  3. Electrician – An electrical technician or electrician should possess technical knowledge and some work experience to work on electronic components. Testing and repair of such components is the role of an electrician. He will work under the supervision of an electrical engineer.
  4. Graphic Designer – If you are looking for a profile that will let you show your creative skills, this job is just for you. You will be assigned projects for designing marketing material for various brands and other materials such as brochures, logos, ads and packaging material using software and advanced computer applications.
  5. Aircraft Mechanic – As interesting as it sounds, an aircraft mechanic is an expert in aircraft machinery and will be assigned the tasks of performing scheduled maintenance and repair operations on aircrafts. In case of any internal issue, they need to diagnose and fix the problem to ensure proper working and a safe flight.

So if you are looking for financial security in a small time and you don’t have a full-time degree, manual trade jobs can promise you a financially secure future.

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