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How to Get Free Cashback with Rakuten

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Are you tired of spending money without getting anything back? Rakuten might be the solution for you. Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is a cashback website that offers its users free cashback on purchases made through their partner stores. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of Rakuten, including how it operates and the advantages of using it to earn cashbacks. We will also discuss Rakuten’s business model and whether it is trustworthy and legit. Additionally, we will cover some of the features that set Rakuten apart from its competitors, such as its browser extension and in-store cashback options. Lastly, we will examine whether there are any downsides to using Rakuten and whether it is worthwhile to get free cashback with this platform.

Understanding Rakuten: An Overview

Rakuten offers cashback on everyday purchases, making it a great way to save money while shopping. Formerly known as Ebates before rebranding, Rakuten operates as an affiliate marketing platform. By shopping through Rakuten’s partner stores, users can earn cashback on their purchases. Rakuten is a legitimate and trustworthy service, providing a secure platform for shoppers to earn rebates. As a Rakuten member, you can receive your cashback via PayPal account or by check mailed to your provided address. With its user-friendly app and partnerships with popular stores like JCPenney, Rakuten makes it easy to earn cashback on everything from e-commerce purchases to in-store shopping.

The Evolution from Ebates to Rakuten

Rakuten underwent a rebranding from its previous name, Ebates. The transition brought new features and improvements, enhancing the overall user experience. However, the name change did not affect the cashback benefits for users. It was still a great way to earn rakuten cash on everyday purchases. This evolution from Ebates to Rakuten signifies the company’s growth and expansion in the e-commerce market. With the rebranding, Rakuten aimed to attract more shoppers and provide better rebates. The evolution also introduced new payment options, such as the Rakuten Cash Back Visa and American Express cards, making it easier for members to receive their cashback.

How Rakuten Operates: A Step-by-Step Guide

To start using Rakuten, sign up for an account with your email and password. Once you’re in, access partner stores through the website or mobile app. Make your online purchases as usual, and Rakuten will track your transactions to calculate your cashback rewards. You can receive your cashback payments through PayPal or physical checks. It’s a great way to earn money back on your regular shopping. Rakuten offers convenience and benefits to its members while partnering with popular brands like JC Penney and even offering a Rakuten Cash Back Visa and American Express. Whether you’re shopping on your phone through the app store or on your computer, Rakuten makes it easy to save money.

Earning Cashback with Rakuten

To earn cashback with Rakuten, simply shop at online stores through their platform. It’s a great way to get some money back on your purchases. For easier cashback tracking, make sure to install the Rakuten browser extension. This will help you keep track of the amount of cash you’re earning. Additionally, don’t forget to check Rakuten’s website for promo codes and coupons to save even more. If you prefer in-store shopping, you can link your credit card to your Rakuten account and make purchases that way. And if you’re a new member, Rakuten even offers a welcome bonus to get you started.

Receiving Payments through Rakuten

Rakuten offers convenient payment options for your cashback earnings. You can receive your payments through PayPal, making it easy to manage your funds. If you prefer physical checks, Rakuten also allows you to request them. You have the flexibility to choose how often you want to receive your cashback payments, ensuring that you can access your earnings on a schedule that works for you. Additionally, if you prefer to redeem your earnings in the form of gift cards, Rakuten provides that option as well. It’s simple to keep track of your earnings through your Rakuten account, giving you full visibility into the amount of cash you’ve earned.

Rakuten’s Business Model: How does it Make Money?

Rakuten utilizes an affiliate marketing business model, earning a commission from partner stores for customer referrals. A portion of this commission is shared with users as cashback. Through a wide user base and marketing opportunities, Rakuten generates more revenue as users shop through their platform.

Advantages of Using Rakuten for Cashbacks

Rakuten offers cashback on a wide range of online stores, allowing users to earn cashback on everyday purchases, including groceries. With a browser extension for easy cashback tracking, Rakuten simplifies the process of earning cashback. As a legitimate and trustworthy platform with a strong reputation, Rakuten provides various payment options such as PayPal and physical checks. By offering these payment options, Rakuten ensures that users can conveniently receive their cashback rewards. With these advantages, Rakuten proves to be a great way for shoppers to earn rebates on their purchases. Join the numerous Rakuten members and start maximizing your savings today!

Is Rakuten Trustworthy and Legit?

Rakuten’s credibility is unquestionable, with millions of satisfied users benefiting from its cashback rewards. Operating for years, its partnerships with reputable online stores and positive user reviews further establish its legitimacy. Rest assured, Rakuten’s strict privacy measures ensure the safety of your information.

Rakuten Cash Back Button: A Browser Extension for Easy Cashbacks

The Rakuten Cash Back Button is a convenient browser extension that enhances your cashback experience. By installing this extension, you can effortlessly track your cashback and never miss out on savings. This browser extension automatically applies cashback offers at partner stores, ensuring that you maximize your earnings with every purchase. It also alerts you to available cashback opportunities while you browse online, making it easier than ever to save money. Compatible with popular browsers like Google Chrome, the Rakuten Cash Back Button provides a seamless and user-friendly way to earn cashback. With this extension, enjoying the benefits of Rakuten has never been easier.

How is Rakuten Different from its Competitors?

Rakuten stands out from its competitors in several ways. It offers a higher cashback percentage, partners with popular retailers like Amazon and Walmart, and provides multiple payment options. With the Rakuten mobile app, users can earn cashback on-the-go. Additionally, Rakuten’s welcome bonuses and additional perks set it apart in the cashback industry.

Does Rakuten Provide In-Store Cashbacks?

Earn cashback on your in-store purchases with Rakuten. You can get rewarded for your offline shopping by using the Rakuten app and linking your account to PayPal. Enjoy cashback on in-store purchases at popular retailers like H&M and JC Penney.

Rakuten and Walmart: A Profitable Partnership

Discover the benefits of shopping at Walmart with Rakuten. Earn cashback on your Walmart purchases through Rakuten. Take advantage of exclusive deals and discounts when you shop at Walmart through Rakuten. Enhance your savings by using Rakuten’s browser extension to automatically apply coupons at Walmart. And don’t forget to maximize your cashback earnings by utilizing Rakuten’s double cash back feature at Walmart. With this lucrative partnership, Rakuten and Walmart provide a great way for shoppers to save money while enjoying a seamless e-commerce experience. Start earning rakuten cash today and unlock the full potential of your purchasing power.

Are there any Downsides to Using Rakuten?

While Rakuten offers great cashback opportunities, it’s important to understand the fine print. Be aware of any limitations or restrictions that may apply. Before signing up, consider any potential drawbacks and review the terms and conditions of Rakuten’s cashback program. Stay informed about policy changes.

Is it Worthwhile to Get Free Cashback with Rakuten?

Find out if getting free cashback with Rakuten is worth your time and effort. Discover the potential savings you can enjoy, including a welcome bonus for new members. Explore the different ways to earn cashback and learn how to maximize your earnings. See how Rakuten compares to other cashback platforms.


In conclusion, Rakuten is a trusted platform that offers an easy and convenient way to earn cashback on your online purchases. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of partner stores, Rakuten makes it simple to earn money back on your everyday shopping. Whether you’re buying clothing, electronics, or even booking travel, Rakuten has you covered with its extensive network of retailers. Plus, with the added convenience of the Rakuten Cash Back Button browser extension, earning cashback has never been easier. So why not take advantage of this opportunity to save money and get rewarded for your online purchases? Sign up for Rakuten today and start getting free cashback on your shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rakuten and how does it work?

Rakuten is an online shopping platform that offers cashback rewards to users. By signing up for a free account and shopping through Rakuten’s website or app, users can earn cashback from thousands of partner retailers. Rakuten earns a commission from these retailers and shares it with users as cashback rewards, which can be redeemed through PayPal or by check.

Are there any fees associated with using Rakuten?

No, using Rakuten is completely free. Rakuten earns commissions from their partner retailers, which allows them to provide cashback to users. Your earnings are directly deposited into your Rakuten account and you can withdraw them without any fees through PayPal or check.

What types of retailers offer cashback through Rakuten?

Rakuten offers cashback for various retailers, spanning across clothing, electronics, travel, and more. Popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, and Best Buy participate in the program. Cashback percentages differ by retailer ranging from 1% to over 10%. It’s important to check Rakuten’s website or app for current cashback offers before making a purchase.

How can I maximize my cashback earnings on Rakuten?

To maximize your cashback earnings on Rakuten, make sure to shop with their partnered retailers. Activate in-store offers for cashback while shopping at physical stores. Keep an eye out for special promotions and bonus opportunities. Referring friends to Rakuten can also earn you additional cashback rewards.

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