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Here’s Why You Should Play Escape from Tarkov

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Escape from Tarkov or EFT, is a tough game that can’t be described easily. This game can be called a realistic and hardcore online first-person shooter that has MMO, survival, and RTG components. Hence, this game is habitually known as a combat simulator. EFT has some components and battle royale where PVP is added. The chief gameplay loop of this game emerges from the standard survival mode of PMC. When players play in this mode, they take their pick from many chief characters known as PMC. Then they load that character according to their wish to bring them into a raid. And then, players are deployed onto one of the seven maps present in the game. After players drop, they are required to discover more loot present within the maps. 

Surviving in the game

After players take control of their characters on the Tarkov streets, they ought to survive as well as get the finest resources. They will find lots of scavengers or scams who will get in their way. While playing EFT, players need to defeat them when they want to escape. They find many zones in this game that include the Woods, Factory, Reserves, Lab, Customers, Interchange, and Shoreline. Hence, players should immerse themselves in incessant action. EFT is considered to be a unique game due to its epic survival components as well as its resource management. When a player emerges victorious, he gets glory. On the contrary, if he loses, he will lose all the items he has. So, no player wants to lose at any cost. Hence, they get to the best sites like for getting ESPs, aimbots, cheats, and hacks. 

Finding an extraction point

When players play EFT, they find it pretty tough to discover an extraction point. They can get into the map in the form of a scavenger. A scan is an antagonist enemy type that can get into a raid with all the loot that he has carried from his chief character. And here, the PVP component of EFT seems helpful. Escape from Tarkov is different from other battle royale games, such as Apex Legends and Fortnite, because it has altered a lot since it was launched. Players playing EFT look forward to accumulating the finest loot. They also want to survive and vacate the map via an extraction point. Though Tarkov’s gameplay loop seems to be a little different from other MMO RPGs, this game continues to maintain many staples and philosophies of games that emerge from those genres. 

What do players do?

While playing EFT, players get a chief character known as a PMC. They gear up their PMC before a raid from their character screen with ammo, helmet, weapons, armor, a backpack, other gear, and tactical vests. Players take their pick from one of the several locations present on the map. They also get into a raid with their character. All the raids of EFT are instance-based as well as timed. Therefore, every raid seems to be different from one another.

One of the intentions of players who play EFT is to discover loot that is present on the map, and it ranges from usual to occasional items that remain locked behind doors. And they habitually need keys. Players also come across quests that they need to finish from the merchants. They are also required to combat the other player-controlled Scavs, scans, and PMCs. If a player kills someone, he can take his gear, and this way, he can finish a raid. Players are also required to discover one extraction point on the map before they extract. And when they can make it out, they can retain all the loot and gear they have discovered at the time of the raid. If a player loses his life in a raid, he will end up losing all the gear he found. He does not lose his character but becomes wounded heavily. Hence, he does need to heal his PMC again before he proceeds to the subsequent raid.

Make your Tarkov life smoother

A player’s personal hideout will make his life in Tarkov smoother. It will allow him to craft vital game items besides giving him a strange kind of progression. Players can upgrade the lavatory, bitcoin farm, and lighting and also augment stash space. They can also develop a library to boost their experience. Currently, there are twenty hideout modules, and most of them have several upgrade levels that players need to get particular items from raids. They can also recover their character skills or reveal precondition modules.

Escape from Tarkov

The huge popularity of Escape from Tarkov isn’t a coincidence. This game has several features and elements that make it to the top and different from other games. When you are a beginner, you will find streamers to be worth watching as they make players excited, scared, happy, and tense simultaneously. 

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