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Top 10 Personal Finance Podcasts You Must Follow

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In a world where financial literacy is fundamental to navigating through the hardships of life, podcasts have emerged as powerful tools. They are a vital resource for gaining insights and advice from professionals. Regardless of how skilled you are at financing, there inevitably is something you can learn. You can do so by listening to a high-quality podcast dedicated to the subject.

This article will discover a list of top 10 personal finance podcasts. We have selected those that stand out in their quality, reliability, and ability to deliver complex topics. You might initially be intimidated to dive into the best money podcasts. Yet, they will empower you to make smarter financial decisions and build a future you can look forward to. 

Maximizing Accessibility: The Role of MP3 in Personal Finance Podcast Learning

Regarding learning through podcasts, the convenience of platforms like SoundCloud cannot be understated. For avid listeners who wish to listen on the go, the ability to convert SoundCloud to MP3 files is a game changer. Knowing how to access streaming platforms offline allows you to download insightful episodes from top podcasts directly from the platform, ensuring you can listen to valuable insights anytime, anywhere. Hence, discover how to download on SoundCloud and access expert tips while commuting, exercising, or working. 

1. The Ramsey Show

The Ramsey Show is a daily podcast, each episode lasting around two hours. It is hosted by Dave Ramsey, a renowned expert in personal finance, particularly in debt reduction. Ramsey’s approach is straightforward and actionable, making it highly beneficial for those seeking guidance on achieving financial freedom and managing debt. His no-nonsense style helps countless individuals improve their financial health.

2. Planet Money

NPR’s Planet Money is a bi-weekly podcast with episodes averaging 20 to 30 minutes. This is one of the best podcasts about money as it simplifies complex economic issues, market trends, and the latest financial news. This is ideal for those who want to understand the broader economic forces that impact their finances. 

3. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi airs three times a week, with each episode lasting for approximately 35 minutes. Farnoosh Torabi, an acclaimed financial journalist, delves into personal finance, business, career development, and interviews. It stands out for its diverse perspectives on money, empowering listeners with advice on various aspects of financial wellbeing. 

4. How to Money

How to Money contains episodes ranging from 30 to 60 minutes, with releases thrice a week. The topics discussed are more relevant to millennials interested in saving strategies, investing basics, and making wise spending decisions. Matt Altmix and Joel Larsgaard host the podcast. They are self-taught and share their own experiences and learning in finance.

5. ChooseFI

ChooseFI, a once-a-week podcast featuring 1-hour episodes, focuses on the financial independence movement. Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett discuss reducing debt, building wealth, and increasing personal freedom. It is particularly beneficial for those who need the motivation to achieve independence. 

6. The Clark Howard Podcast

Clark Howard hosts the show and offers daily episodes, each lasting around 30 minutes. This is an incredible financial literacy podcast, as Howard explains how to save money, spend less, and avoid common scams. His focus on consumer advocacy and his ability to break down complex topics make his podcast beneficial for those who want to become more savvy consumers.

7. Afford Anything

Paula Pant has a bi-weekly podcast called Afford Anything. With each episode lasting around an hour, the podcast is based on the philosophy that you can afford anything but not everything. Pant explores making intelligent decisions, real estate, and achieving independence. This is particularly helpful for those who want to learn about the trade-offs in personal finance and pursuing a lifestyle aligned with their priorities. 

8. Rich Habits Podcast

This is one of the best financial podcasts for beginners, as it provides practical management tips. Rich Habits Podcast is among the top podcasts listened to on Spotify. They release one weekly episode on Mondays, each approximately 25 minutes long. Robert Croak and Austin Hankwitz share their financial mistakes and experiences, offering realistic and relatable perspectives.

9. HerMoney with Jean Chatzky

This podcast airs weekly, and each episode is around an hour long. Jean, an acclaimed financial journalist, focuses on women’s unique financial needs. The podcast covers everything from saving to earning. Her expertise allows her to focus on empowering women financially.

10. Money For the Rest of Us

Money For the Rest of Us is a budgeting podcast where J. David Stein releases an episode each week, each lasting for 30 minutes. This is designed for those who want to manage money effectively without getting bogged down in technical jargon. Stein covers various topics, from investment strategies to economic theories, making the complicated seem simple. 


To summarize, personal finance podcasts offer knowledge and advice. Each caters to a diverse range of interests and expertise levels. Some demystify economic theories, and others present practical budgeting advice. These top 10 podcasts provide invaluable resources for anyone looking to enhance their financial literacy. 

With the added convenience of learning to download from SoundCloud to Mac, you can enrich your financial knowledge on your schedule. Hence, you can make the most of your time and resources. Embrace the wealth of information these podcasts offer. Also, take a significant step towards a more informed and financially secure future.

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