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Common Strategies Used by MetLife to Deny Disability Claims

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MetLife is one of the world’s leading insurance providers. The insurance company has over 90 million customers in more than 60 countries. Most of the people are struggling to collect disability benefits from MetLife.

But just like every other insurance company, MetLife is focused on profits as well. This is evident in the hardships a policyholder or their beneficiaries have to go through for successful claims.

Policyholders with disabilities are the worst affected by this. In such situations, a MetLife disability claim denial is very useful. Their experience in analyzing denials and filing successful appeals makes these lawyers crucial in fighting for MetLife claims.

MetLife uses numerous strategies to deny a disability claim. This blog post discusses five of them.

The purpose of this blog is to educate the average American. Awareness of the common reasons ensures that policyholders are well-equipped to file and fight against denied disability claims.

Here are the common tactics that are used by MetLife to reject your disability claims:

Appoint their own medical professional

To avoid paying the disability claim, MetLife will appoint their own medical consultant to check your medical records and health condition. After reviewing your medical records, they may provide a conflicting opinion about your health condition.

MetLife will later claim that you’re lying about your medical condition. They will justify the denial using some cooked-up or misinterpreted piece of information from your medical records. It is one of the worst tactics used by MetLife.

Taking advantage of your work-related duties

One common strategy used by MetLife to deny disability claims is using your own job against you.

A good example of this is someone whose job involves equal amounts of walking and sitting. MetLife may categorize this job as sedentary and reject the disability claim, stating that the job doesn’t require a lot of physical effort.

The only way to tackle this defense is to hire an experienced disability lawyer. They know how to appeal the denied claim and file a successful appeal.

Misinterpret your disability as a mental health condition

MetLife doesn’t seem to care a lot about mental health. This is evident in their long-term disability policies.

A good chunk of MetLife’s disability policies have specific segments that limit the duration for which a person can receive benefits for mental health conditions.

This is a strategy MetLife uses to lower the payout or reduce the duration of the payout. They will simply state that what you experience is a mental health condition, rather than a physical one. That’s why, you should aware of the wage laws of U. S.

guy on wheelchair

Documentation issues

This is one of the top reasons for a disability claim denial. MetLife may reject a disability claim stating insufficient or incorrect documentation. A lack of proper medical evidence is often the reason for this.

The evidence submitted must prove that you suffered from a medical condition and that the condition led to the disability.

Lots of paperwork

All insurance claims involve paperwork, and a disability claim is no exception. When you apply for a disability claim with MetLife, you will be hit with a barrage of paperwork. MetLife will assure you that the paperwork is necessary, but the objective behind it is to delay the process as much as possible, annoying you.

Final Thoughts

We strongly believe our blog post has helped you understand the common strategies used by MetLife to avoid paying disability claims.

If MetLife is denying your disability claim or that of someone you know, then it is important to seek legal help. An experienced disability insurance lawyer knows how to study the claim denial letter and will find ways to fight back.

Remember, quality legal representation is required to fight back against insurance giants like MetLife.

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