AMEX Platinum Card vs Chase Sapphire Reserve

If you knew me, you would probably think I was working for American Express considering how much I rave about the American Express Platinum Credit Card. I am almost hitting that one year mark of being a card owner, and have loved every single second of it. In this piece I will go more into detail why I think the AMEX Platinum credit card is a keeper and how its steep $550 annual fee is justified compared to the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

AMEX Platinum perks

  1. 60,000 membership reward points signing bonus
  2. $200 Uber Credits and Uber VIP annually
  3. $200 travel credit each calendar year
  4. 5x  points on eligible hotels and flights
  5. No Foreign Transaction Fees
  6. Fee Credit for Global Entry or TSA Pre-check
  7. The American Express Global Lounge Collection
  8. Global Dining Collection
  10. Gold Status at Hilton and Starwood Preferred Guest hotel stays
  11. AMEX Offers
  12. American Express® Preferred Seating
  13. Purchase Protection, Return Protection, Extended Warranty, and many more benefits

Listed are just some of the biggest perks of owning an AMEX Platinum card in my eyes. You can read more extensively about the other perks and benefits made readily available to all Platinum cardholders here. I won’t be able to go into detail on every single benefit, but I will share how I capitalized on the Platinum card benefits. Let me elaborate.

My personal experience

The sign-up bonus, let alone the $200 Uber (can be used for UberEats) credits, $200 travel credit, and AMEX offers alone should cut down the cost of the annual fee substantially if you travel at least once or twice every year. The American Express credit card has been the perfect travel credit card companion for my wallet and then some. After speaking with multiple AMEX customer representatives for over a year now whenever I need a request, I can confidently say that American Express walks the walk. I have yet to experience a situation where a representative has been either rude or unprofessional no matter how unrealistic my request may be. American Express prides itself on customer satisfaction, and it shows.

I have used the personal concierge multiple times for many various different occasions such as, reserving dinner reservations for a large party at a popular restaurant like Liho Liho Yacht Club in SF, purchasing pre-sale concert tickets, attending musicals like Hamilton, and even getting upgraded lounge seating in NBA games while paying nosebleed seats (the cheapest seating option) in the Staples Center in LA – all thanks to owning the Platinum card. If I were to calculate how much I would pay from going through a third-party website compared to paying face value from American Express for attending these events, the difference would be astronomical.

Let me tell you about the complimentary airport lounges. When I flew to Hong Kong and South Korea, the lounges we attended were basically free buffets. At this point, you already may already know why. It was because I was a Platinum member with the American Express Global Lounge Collection perk. You may have already heard stories of the benefits of airport lounges so I won’t bore you with why having access to airport lounges is an undeniable luxury for travelers.

The benefits alone of purchase protection, return protection, extended warranty is also very reasonable from my experience. I also recently found out that I am entitled to four complimentary roadside assistance each calendar year if I am ever in a tricky automobile situation (even includes free towing). Additionally, whenever I have a credit card dispute with a merchant, more often than not, AMEX handles the whole process without me breaking a sweat.

Upon making a purchase with my Platinum card, I know I am getting the most benefits out of any credit card I possess. There are times I even dismiss the extra cashback for the premium benefits and convenience of having a Platinum card in hand because if a problem arises, I know I will get my money back.

To summarize, I have never felt so powerful as a consumer with the American Express Platinum credit card. The only con I can think of is the occasional small mom and pop store not accepting AMEX due to credit card processing fees. Other than the occasional, “Sorry, we don’t accept American Express only VISA or Mastercard,” I am very satisfied with the credit card as you may tell already. As long as you are a frequent traveler and are in need of a premium travel credit card, this card is a must have!

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