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How Does Discord Make Money?

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What is Discord?

Discord is a chat service. People can use voice or text, one on one or in groups. The app has been aimed at gamers primarily, but many people also use it for day to day chat. People say that is is very similar to Slack, another chat service popular with small business. They have taken ideas from a combination of other chat services, streamlined them and made the whole experience much simpler and easier for the end user. Commonly people will say that it is a lighter program than Skype or other popular communication applications. In addition, it works on all popular available platforms and the app and services are free to use.

How Does Discord Make Money

Discord is a fairly new company, it was fortunate to start off with some pretty decent coffers. They are currently implementing a new subscription pack a new way to make money called Discord Nitro. It is a set of what they call extra perks, that will make you look super stylish. They are selling it as a way to thank or contribute to all that the application has to offer its users. Nitro will allow users to upload Gif avatars, they will have access to special emoticons, increased file upload size and they will be given a badge to show that they are a Nitro user. The cost is $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, the group surmises that this should make money for the time being.

Recent Developments

Discord now has a partnership with Spotify, this feature allows a user to stream music to their chat friends on the application. It works internally so the music streams to another person through a Spotify application within Discord, rather than just through the audio feed. A feature like this is unique and offers listeners control over the music separate to that of the chat they are currently in. They also are constantly updating and pushing updates out to users.

Fun Facts

When they send emails out to users they include a fun fact about gaming or the company at the bottom of the email. In one email they revealed that they named their logo Clyde. they have about 80 employees and has raised $70 million in funding. The average number of users is 14 million per day.

Discord, like so many other companies, came about to solve the problem of playing a game that the founders had developed under Hammer & Chisel. They found that many available chat or VoIP services were either too invasive or resource demanding and this is how the new company was born.

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