Where to Buy Coachella 2018 Tickets Last Minute Safely

If you found this post, chances are you are looking to buy Coachella 2018 tickets last minute. With headliners such as, Beyonce, Eminen, and The Weekend, it is no surprise that general admission to step foot on campus grounds is starting to range around $1,000 per ticket. Don’t fret though. If you are still looking to obtain a wristband to attend Coachella this year, there are still some options depending on urgency of the situation.

1. Mutual Friends

The first logical step is to start your search by asking your network of friends if they have Coachella tickets for sale. If that does not go accordingly to plan, you have to start the hunt by asking friends of friends that are mutual friends. This option is probably the most affordable and secure way of dealing with obtaining a wristband for the event without the stress and fear of the unknown at potential face value. Who knows, you never know if something comes up and a friend cannot attend any longer.

2. Reddit Coachella Buy/Sell Thread

If you were out of luck trying to purchase a ticket from a friend, your best bet is to look to the Reddit Coachella Buy/Sell Thread. The community’s only rule is that Coachella tickets can only be resold at face-value. The reddit community is great in that they hate ticket scalpers and just want to have a good time. As always, the rule is to always use your best judgement when dealing with someone you don’t know. I highly recommend adding the person you are dealing with on Facebook to make sure you have mutual friends in case. In terms of payment method, never deal with Venmo, bank wires, or gift cards. Your best bet is to either meet-up in person and deal in cash or to use Paypal. If you decide to opt for Paypal, DO NOT make the payment out to be a “Gift” or you won’t be able to have buyer protection if the transaction goes sour.

3. Facebook Music Festival Groups

If you don’t know anyone willing to sell their Coachella tickets, you have to get your hands a bit dirty and look for potential sellers on Facebook groups that revolves around musical festivals. If you are purchasing tickets last minute, chances are you have to be on the look out like a hawk. The key to successfully dealing with a stranger you met on a Facebook musical festival group is to make sure you have mutual friends for that extra security.

4. StubHub

Believe it or not, StubHub will be setting out on campus grounds with brand representatives to ensure any transactions relating to Coachella 2018 tickets and StubHub goes accordingly to plan. So if you are dealing with StubHub, you can leave your anxiety behind knowing that your ticket purchase is 100% backed by StubHub themselves and that the wristband you purchased from their marketplace is legitimate. StubHub would be the only real third-party marketplace I would consider for Coachella, however, realize that at this stage chances are you are paying a good premium to ticket sellers and you are no longer looking at tickets at face value.

5. Criagslist

Criagslist should be your last resort of any of these methods for obtaining a wristband for Coachella due to the nature of there being many scams, counterfeit wristbands, and fraudulent activity that may pose a risk to unknowing victims. If you opt to go the Criagslist route, be on guard and take every precaution to ensure you are being dealt a legitimate ticket to Coachella.

If you are looking for more options to purchase Coachella 2018 tickets last minute still, I am sorry to say you are unfortunately out of luck. These methods are your best options moving forward.

As always, take extra security measures when dealing with a stranger and be safe!

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