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Earn Yelp Cash, Uber Credits, & Airline Miles for Dining Out

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Enjoying yourself with a nice meal every now and then just got more rewarding. Imagine if you could earn Yelp cash back, Uber credit, and airline miles all at the same time just for dining out? It is actually possible.

Dining out is all about rewarding yourself and not have to stress about cooking, adulting, and should be a simple getaway to indulge in your favorite meals. When it comes to living frugal, I prefer methods that don’t redefine your happy life style that makes you settle. I prefer living smarter as the number one alternative to making every meal more affordable without the compromises.

So you may be asking, how do I get all this fun jazz without the gimmicks? And do I have to manually do anything each time I eat out? The answer is it is all automated when you enroll your credit card for free. There is no manual task of signing up for each offer other than enrolling your credit card in the beginning to receive reward benefits. It is simple, easy, and convenient just the way every reward program should be ideally.

Step 1: Enroll in Yelp Cash Back

Enrolling your credit card with Yelp Cash Back program is really simple. You just attach your credit card to the program and whenever you dine out at an eligible restaurant, you are automatically granted cash back in your Yelp account in the term of cash back compensation. Cash back for each restaurant typically ranges anywhere up to 10%.

Step 2: Enroll in Uber Local (Requires VISA)

Uber Local is really similar to Yelp’s Cash Back program. The only difference is that the program requires your credit card to be VISA co-branded in order to benefit from the program to receive free Uber credits for dining out.

Step 3: Enroll in Airline Miles Programs

There are actually several airline frequent flyer miles programs that compensate you for dining out. I personally use Southwest’s Rapid Rewards Dining program because the points valuation and compensation usually outmatches competing programs. However, I’d advise you to just join whichever airline miles program you use the most to ensure you are actually benefiting from using the points. Below are just some dining incentive programs you can find currently for some popular airlines.

  1. Southwest Rapid Rewards
  2. American Airlines AAdvantage Dining
  3. Delta Skymiles Dining
  4. Mileage Plus Dining

And that is all there is to it! You will now be enrolled in all three offers and if an eligible restaurant should pop up, you will be automatically enrolled and raking in rewards and cash back in no time. The amazing thing about these incentives are that they all stack and that is not counting the cash back or points you typically receive from your normal credit card rewards program. However, if you are in the market for a credit card that stands out from the rest of the pack, 4% with no annual fee for dining out, I highly recommend checking out the Uber Visa credit card on my recent posting on the Top Credit Cards of 2018.

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