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10 Top Paying Side Hustles for College Students

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Students attending college know how hard it can be to juggle money for activities off-campus while paying for books, supplies, etc. Searching for a great paying side job can allow them to have the extra money they need to pay for those off-campus activities. We listed ten of the most legit ways for students to make additional money to support them during college attendance.

Teaching online

A great way to earn an extra income is to teach the English language to Chinese students online. Websites like VIPKid connect Chinese students to teachers who have an excellent knowledge of the English language. Requirements for a teaching position include a bachelor’s degree or students working towards achieving one in college. Applicants must complete an on-line application, interview and practice lesson to be hired for the job.

Proofread for pay

Excellent knowledge of the English language with grammar can help you land a job as a part-time proofreader. Correct sentence structure, grammar, and spelling mistakes are some things you will do as a proofreader. You may work for a large company that hires people to edit other writer’s content. You can be hired to do this for website owners, blogs, and writers.

Freelancing opportunities

This field continues to grow larger every year. Many people freelance to earn extra money to cover financial matters that they can’t pay with current career earnings. This is an ideal solution for students needing a flexible job to fit around the school schedule. A few types of jobs include writing, photography, bookkeeping, editing, and graphic design.

Part-time sitting service

Students use business knowledge to start their pet or child sitting service while attending college. Families always need people to watch their pets while they are away from home. Many families need babysitters to take care of children at home while they work jobs. Some people prefer to have someone stay in their home while they’re away on vacation for security.

House cleaning

Housekeeping is a great side business for students. Busy homeowners that have little time left after work and other matters will often hire a service to keep the home sparkling clean. This is a great way for students to explore the business field by doing cleaning jobs part-time. It can fit into their college schedule as they do the jobs outside of class attendance. Home cleaning services continue to grow every year, as more people never have time to do it.

Customer service

Companies hire college students to work part-time for them when business volumes are heavy. Some duties that customer service representatives handle are helping customers with complaints and answering questions about products or services. They process orders, forms, and customer requests. Requirements are a high school diploma with some college being a plus. The ability to use computers with experience in customer support will help secure a good part-time job.

Do odd job gigs

Small jobs can be done for quick cash by applying for them through websites on computers. Thousands of people hire with the help of online sites to help them move or deliver products. Odd jobs are perfect for college students that love to keep their side hustle interesting. Jobs can include painting, cleaning, construction, assembly, lawn care, and weekend events.

Sell online

Some people earn a great living by selling products they purchase from others. This includes merchandise purchased from yard sales, thrift stores and various sources. The secret is buying low to sell high to produce a profit. You have to know what types of merchandise sell quickly. Amazon and eBay are the top sources to set up an account as a dealer. Letgo is another source to sell things online.

Work a part-time job after classes

Real income comes quickly when you decide to work somewhere part-time to help with your finances. Working at a restaurant or department store is a great way to make the extra money you need. The only commitment is your time and labor. Part-time jobs are always available and most everywhere.

Work in security

A job working with security personnel might be a perfect fit if you’re fine with working around bars and nightclubs where alcohol is served. This is a great job for physically fit college students that participate in their school athletic programs. All you do is watch patrons at the business to make sure they behave politely. Security staff is usually at an establishment in numbers that means you won’t have to handle a rude patron alone.

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