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How Much Money Does Troom Troom Make a Year?

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Who’s behind the quirky DIY channel Troom Troom? No one knows for sure but Troom Troom’s surreal videos have gained its mysterious creators a net worth of $10 million.

Who is Troom Troom?

Youtube is well known for having a range of step-by-step videos of DIY projects and useful life hacks, but there’s nothing on the platform quite like Troom Troom. The channel is famous for having young women demonstrate bizarre tutorials that no one actually needs, but that is highly entertaining to watch. Here you can learn how to glue a zipper onto two halves of a lemon and zip it shut. Or pranking your teacher by putting paint inside their hardboiled egg. As the channel’s entertaining viral videos exploded in popularity, many media outlets tried to learn who was behind it. The owners prefer to stay anonymous, although the consensus is that Troom Troom is a collective of Russian or Eastern European creatives that hires models to demonstrate the tutorials.

How Troom Troom makes money

Troom Troom’s strange and creative tutorials have earned them a legion of fans, with over 16 million Youtube subscribers and almost 3 million Instagram followers. Troom Troom has uploaded more than 1,000 videos, all of which are monetized. Youtube pays Troom Troom between $2 to $7 for every 1,000 viewers that watch an ad during the video. Troom Troom’s highly impractical projects are massively popular and generate plenty of ad revenue. The channel is currently getting around 170 million views each month and has received more than 5.5 billion views since 2015.

How did Troom Troom get popular?

Troom Troom began uploading in September of 2015 and the content was initially very typical of other DIY channels that focus on accessories or home decor. After the first year, the channel went in a completely different direction and started posting tutorials that solved strange problems or used unusual methods. This unique approach helped Troom Troom stand out in the oversaturated world of Youtube DIY. Troom Troom’s Instagram became popular as well and was instrumental in helping to drive traffic for the Youtuber’s quirky videos. This strategy worked to grow the channel extremely quickly. Views exploded and Troom Troom became one of the most successful ventures on Youtube. The channel continues to entertain fans with daily videos that provide step by step instructions for projects no one knew they needed.

Troom Troom’s Approximate annual pay & net worth

Combine a very high volume of content with very high views and you get one of the most profitable channels on Youtube. Troom Troom’s business model of going viral with quirky tutorials earns the channel around $20,000 a day, or $7.3 million a year. Although Troom Troom seems to have a large team of employees creating its daily content, the channel has managed to accumulate an incredible net worth of $15 million.

Fun fact

Troom Troom’s most-watched video, with 112 million views, is a tutorial with hacks for helping students secretly eat food into class. Some of the tips include includes sneaking in a sausage inside a container of wet wipes, putting candies inside a pencil sharpener, and replacing the glue in a glue stick with hard cheese.

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