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YouTuber Doug Demuro's Net Worth

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Who is Doug Demuro and what is he known for?

Doug DeMuro is a video maker who provides excellent insight into cars. He is a Denver, Colorado native who is 31 years old. He is a graduate from Emory University out of Atlanta, Georgia, and was awarded a degree in economics. Upon graduation, he sought a position with Porsche Cars North America where he gained three years of experience. However, he had another passion which was writing that led him to quit the job with the car manufacturer.

Since then, his passion for writing has led his work to be highlighted on various websites and magazine publications like Autotrader. From this notoriety, he began an enthusiast blog known as Oversteer with others like Jalopnik, GQ, and The Week. Doug is widely known for his millions of views from his YouTube channel packed with videos.

Today, he has established his full-time residency in San Diego, California where he houses several vehicles such as:

1997 Land Rover Defender 90 NAS

2005 Ford GT

2012 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon

How Doug Demuro makes money

Doug DeMuro has a self-titled YouTube channel where he reviews cars. The channel places heavy emphasis on debunking myths that are stigmatized to certain cars which are of great interest to his viewers. He is highly noted for his honesty and carefree approach in which he once challenged himself in a video series to prove if high priced cars were worth their price tag.

How Doug Demuro got popular?

Doug created videos that were easy to find, loaded with interesting facts, full of humor, and stuffed with a whole lot of fun. Viewers have found him to be highly sought after ever since. This came from his idea of working for free. Working for free goes against the grain of most people, however, Doug says it is due to his discernment on when to work for free that has made him successful. “Free” work on the side in addition to his full-time position is what gained trust from his viewers. From this, he was able to move them to the properly paid platform.

Approximate net worth and annual pay of Doug Demuro discussed

Today, Doug has an estimated net worth of $2 million. In addition, with his ability to average about 800,000 views on YouTube, he gets paid anywhere from $2-$7 per one-thousand monetized views which are about 40% to 80% of total views. With this type of success, he will typically generate an income of $3,200 per day which will yield approximately $1.2 million a year from his various videos. He also generates additional revenue from being an author from his blogs

Fun fact

Doug Demuro was the youngest in the history of Porsche Cars North America to rise through the ranks to become a first-level manager. He shocked Porsche when he decided to leave because he had a promising future and they invested many resources and support to garner his projected rise within the company. Jump to top

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