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CookieSwirlC's Net Worth: How a Dream Came True

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CookieSwirlC, whose real name is Candace, was born on March 14, 1997. She is a happy-go-lucky toy collector who is infamous for collecting toys like Barbies, LOL Surprise, Shopkins, Build-a-Bear, and many others. She began her YouTube appearances in 2013 as a means of sharing her interest in toys and being the creator of stories through play. She has a known since of silly humor, loving her fans, having a sincere heart, and is a big-time animal lover.

She maintains her residence in California where she shares her living space with a horse, fish, a couple of ponies, a cat, and a few dogs. She has a strong belief in play and on how toys net a big role in broadening the imagination and also for creativity. Her greatest desire is for her fans to have a strong sense of self and to express their creativity.

When Candace is not busy filming videos, she spends her time being an avid reader and corresponding with many fans through various sources such as responding to fans on social media platforms, fan mail, email, and also commenting on YouTube. Additionally, she loves her family and friends.

How CookieSwirlC makes money

CookieSwirlC makes most of her money from toy horse reviews along with posting videos. She also earns money from interest generated from blogs featuring her own horses. A healthy dose of her revenue comes from a toy channel called CookieSwirlC that she established in 2013.

How CookieSwirlC got popular

CookieSwirlC began as a little girl who had a deep obsession with horses. She spent many hours reading and self-educating about horses. She increased her knowledge even more by also visiting local ranches and establishing a toy horse collection. She would sit and play all day with her toys by having trail rides throughout her house like under different tables and on top of the sofa, just having kid fun.

Further, she found a way on YouTube and found others who shared her passion for toy horses. Since there were no limits to her imagination while playing with her toy horses, she developed a deep passion and desire to share these stories with others on YouTube. Out of pure curiosity in 2007, she began filming herself and posted a story in which she was the star of the show. As she continued posting more stories, she recognized that there was a growing fan base with others who shared her interests, so she increased the videos, and hence a star was born.

Approximate annual pay and net worth

It is reported that CookieSwirlC has an estimated net worth of $25 million. On average, she earns $10,500 per day with a projected annual income of $3.8 million.

Fun fact

It is very surprising to learn that the little girl named Candace, who goes under the pseudonym of CookieSwirlC, has taken an innocent passion for the love of horses and toys, has been able to capture the hearts of over 5 million subscribers.

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