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5 Tips to Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

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YouTube marketing is often overlooked by social media advertisers as a mere tool to gain active YouTube subscribers. Many people think of YouTube as a social networking platform. Ok the other hand, some see it as an online video platform. 

In any case, there are many marketing opportunities on YouTube – especially if your audience is on the platform and your competitors are not. YouTube lists over two billion sign-in users each month worldwide and becomes the most widely used online platform among U.S. adults. 

So in that sense, even if YouTube meets the social media process it doesn’t work. It is the most popular. But with over 500 hours of video uploaded every minute, active YouTube marketing is easier said than done

A few tips for that’ll help enhance your YouTube marketing strategy

Create a YouTube business channel 

Start by opening a Product Account on Google. It is possible to create a YouTube channel by linking it to your ordinary Google account. However, if you plan on doing so, no one will be able to access it but you. The account will also be under your name solely and this might lead other people to contacting you via email. This primarily depends on your settings. 

With a Product Account, multiple authorized users can log in at once. Even if you don’t need this right now, it’s a great way to keep it available as your business grows and gains more YouTube views. With a Product Account, you can create and manage multiple YouTube channels. You may also search for sources to buy YouTube views and keep increasing your engagement for the multiple channels.

Learn about your audience

If you are a newcomer to YouTube and you are looking to gain active YouTube subscribers, set aside time to learn about YouTube’s population. This includes rating data, such as where most users live (approximately 15% of site traffic comes from the US), key age range (81% of 15-25-year-olds), and preference views (70% of viewing time on mobile). 

If your audience is a little aggressive, you may want to note that Gen Z viewers are more likely to want short-form content.

Research your competition 

Competitive analysis is essential to gain more YouTube views and gain active YouTube subscribers. Like any other platform, YouTube is a competitive place. By doing a competition of competitors, you can see how your channel is up and identifying opportunities.

Identifying  your rivals should be your first step. Start by identifying three to five competitors. If you are unsure, try the free Google Keyword Planner to see which companies are listed by keywords related to your product. Or see which channels appear on YouTube search with the same keywords. 

After hitting Search, filter results by Channel. Record key metrics such as subscriber counts and view statistics so you can use them as bookmarks for your channel. Look at headings and descriptions to see which keywords they use. 

Learn to comment on these videos to see what people are saying. Chances are their audience will meet yours. Then, perform a SWOT analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats presented by each competitor. 

This is a great framework for seeing what works and doesn’t work, and where you have a little doubt about your YouTube channel.

Research your favorite channels 

Scroll to your subscription and YouTube history. As you do, be aware of the tricks and structures that attract you. What brings you back to these channels? How do popular channels make views, subscriptions, and engagements? Watch trendy YouTube videos. 

Although these videos have nothing to do with your business or industry, there is much you can learn from them. Are all of these videos being produced high-quality, or are they shooting carelessly? Do they have a manager? Do they add special effects or text overlay?

Write a rich description of the keyword

Prioritize the first few lines of your description to give a brief overview of your video title. As soon as possible, connect the keywords you entered. Try not to sound too spammy. Write in coherent, logical sentences. 

YouTube displays approximately 300 characters above the user-click button which you need to click to see your full description. This is the part where you could include more context to your YouTube videos. For example, if you add several products, provide links to them. 

Interlink all your social media handles and anything that you can possibly hyperlink a link to. When you press subscriptions, you can also add an automatic subscription shortcut or like other videos and playlists that may be compatible. If your video is long, create a “table of contents” with timestamps, so that viewers can jump into categories. 

You will definitely lure in more YouTube views if you implement this. Do more with your 5,000 characters and 15 hashtag limit. But remember to follow the YouTube hashtag rules. There is no point of putting in all the efforts if you fail to follow YouTube’s hashtag rules. Always read through them once before making any changes. 


Analyze and agree. With your YouTube channel active, it’s time to start measuring your success and failure. Properly targeting YouTube marketing involves testing and experimenting. Not everything will work, and that is fine as long as you learn from it. 

Use YouTube Analytics to monitor your channel’s growth and track your video performance. What you get your YouTube marketing strategy to move forward, don’t underestimate quality metrics, too. Read the comments to learn exactly what people think of your video. 

Implement all the tips discussed above to gain active YouTube subscribers and expand your YouTube channel with ease.

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