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How Gender Inequality Affects Today’s Students

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Some forms of inequality have plagued humankind since the dawn of modern civilization. Unfortunately, gender is one of the longest standing parameters that has been used to divide society and maintain inequality. In most societies for the past several thousand years, women have suffered under gender-based inequality and continue to experience this up to the present day.

Luckily, traditional attitudes towards gender roles have been called into question over the past century, and slowly but surely, we see progress in achieving equality. Being at the helm of innovative and progressive thought, university students possess some of the most forward-thinking attitudes when it comes to gender. However, despite this, they are far from immune to the experience of gender inequality. In fact, gender inequality among students is a common fact of life on college campuses across the world, and the more informed they are about it, the easier it is to combat!

Ways to learn

The great news is, there’s plenty of online resources available to help with studying gender inequality for school. Research paper websites offer free essay samples gender inequality-related that you can use for your own essays addressing gender inequality issues where you can find good material for yourself. These focused research papers are sure to help any student get to grips with the reality of gender inequality.

A great way to inform yourself about gender inequality in education is to bring the topic into the classroom. Signing up for courses or classes that offer a history of gender inequality is a great way to familiarise yourself with the subject. Suggest to your teacher to write research papers or homework assignments that investigate the history of the phenomenon or present-day education inequality statistics. Writing a focused essay is a perfect way to dive deep into the subject, and improve your grades simultaneously! 

Inequality in education

When it comes to gender and education, inequality presents itself in many ways. Across the world, young girls often face an extreme lack of access to education when compared to boys of the same age. Many historically patriarchal cultures view a formal education as a privilege reserved for boys, and don’t attach the same value to educating their young women. Sadly, UNESCO estimates that an average of 130 million girls of schooling age will never enter a classroom and have the opportunity to learn. In particularly troubled parts of the world, gender-based violence contributes to the lack of access many girls face around the world.

Studies also show that as soon as girls enter school, they are often underestimated and statistically given less attention than their male peers. Researchers have found that teachers can be subconsciously biased to interpret male results as more intelligent than female. In sociological research studies, students ranked the same in all test parameters were consistently rated as more “mathematically talented” by their teachers if they were male. These kinds of in-built prejudices present themselves subtly, but they have large-scale ramifications on female self-confidence and their opportunities later in life.

How to combat inequality

Addressing gender inequality is becoming an ever-higher priority for students and educational institutes alike. The key to correcting this inequality is shifting the social expectations regarding women’s roles in society. Greater acceptance and encouragement are needed for women entering higher education, alongside a departure from certain subjects’ classification as “masculine” and “feminine.” 

Special efforts also need to be taken by schools and governments to empower girls throughout their education. Providing scholarships that help offset gender imbalance is an important way institutions can help eliminate gender inequality. This is fortunately becoming the case in many places, with some colleges and universities implementing gender equality quotas. 

The long and deep-rooted history of gender inequality in our society means that it will likely take a very long time before the issue is completely resolved. However, by confronting it in our education system, students have the best possible chance to make a change for an equal future!

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  1. It is getting better here in the US. When I was a chemical engineering student we had one female student in our class. Now the class is over half women. One of my daughters has two engineering degrees and the government agency she works for is headed by a female chemical engineer (coincidentally that only one from my class) and her predecessor was also a female. When I retired slightly early from my job running a large corporation my replacement was a female chemical engineer. I was proud to see that happen. But there is still much room for improvement here and across the globe as you have pointed out. But at least I believe a lot of progress has been made.

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