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How Much Money Does LinusTechTips Make a Year?

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Linus Tech Tips is one of the three YouTube channels developed by Linus Sebastian. The other two are Techquickie and ChannelSuperFun. All three combined have an average of more than 16 million subscribers. Linus Sebastian is from Canada, married, and has children.

Who is Linus Tech Tips?

Linus Sebastian created Linus Tech Tips on November 24, 2008. The popular tech channel on YouTube features technology-related videos. Other uploads include videos related to construction and moving.

On January 8, 2018, Twitter announced the channel had reached another milestone with more than three million subscribers. The channel has social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. The popular tech channel has over 10 million subscribers as of late 2019.

How Linus Tech Tips makes money

Linus Tech Tips makes revenue through Google advertisements and sponsors that Linus Sebastian advertises on his videos. He makes an additional income by selling technical products on the channel. YouTube Red viewers pay a monthly fee to view premium content without advertisements, which generates more income to Linus based on them spending more time watching videos.

Sebastian had hired additional staff and partners as the business has grown. The company has a sales department that searches for other opportunities to go along with his Google Advertisements. Partners sponsor Linus Tech Tips videos, which help the company continue to be a success. Amazon, Intel, and Google are some companies that have sponsored Linus Tech Tips.

How Linus Tech Tips got popular?

The company was started in 2008 but it took years for it to grow so popular. Linus Tech Tips gained a large following from Sebastian’s influence of being a source for people to rely on when they needed technical advice concerning computers. Linus Tech Tips is the third most subscribed channel on YouTube. Time played a role in building a large following to make Linus Tech Tips so successful. The company continues to grow in subscriptions and wealth.

Approximate net worth and annual pay

On any day, the channel can average over 2.5 million hits. It generates over $10,000 a day, which brings in millions of dollars every year. Estimates of over four million dollars per year in annual income could be an understatement. Selling technical merchandise online with videos has helped the company make more money. Direct advertising ads are shown at the conclusion of videos that help boost those yearly income statistics. Linus’s net worth is estimated to be over 18 million dollars.

Fun fact

Linus Tech Tips posted on Facebook a Twitter message with a chart that the channel lost more subscribers than most channels on YouTube would ever gain. Subscribers lost were over 506,000. Linus claims the message was never meant as an insult to others.

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