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What is League of Legends Player, Doublelift's Net Worth?

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Who is Doublelift and what is he known for?

Yiliang Peng is known as “Doublelift”, a professional gamer from California who plays the role of a marksman for Team Liquid. Peng plays in League of Legends and is considered as one of the greatest AD Carry players in America. Up to date, Peng has gained him a huge following that includes 800,000 followers on Twitter and a half a million subscribers on YouTube. The popular gamer has also won five North American championships. Before jumping to PC titles like World of Warcraft, DotA, Heroes of Newerth, and then eventually moving on to League of Legends, Peng played console games.

How Doublelift makes money

As of 2018, Doublelifts’ earnings for the 39 tournaments he entered were $117,815.43 putting him at number 98 in the U.S. ranking and number 535 in the world for the most money earned through event prize funds.

The year, 2012 was a successful year for the major player as the 21 events and tournaments he played with League of Legends, added a whopping $27,151.00 to his earnings. However, Peng’s most successful years came in 2016/2017 when most of his earnings were made.

How Doublelift got popular?

In a 2013 interview, Peng spoke about his relationship with his parents saying he struggled with them over his dream of becoming a professional eSports player. He claimed they would argue about everything and could not agree on anything anymore, especially games. According to them, playing games was a complete waste of time.

Then in 2011, Peng gained the attention of the founder of Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), George, also known as “HotshotGG” and “Georgallidis” who recruited him as a professional substitute support player for League of Legends. Soon after, Peng moved on to become starter support at Epik Gamer and then later as AD Carry for UnRestricted, which was acquired by Team Curse later that year.

Approximate net worth and annual pay of Doublelift

Doublelift currently has a net worth of approximately 1.7 million. After leaving Counter Logic Gaming, Peng’s career in the gaming industry accelerated and his income began to grow more and more. Peng then began alternating teams going from unrestricted eSports, to Team Curse, to Epik Gamer until finally settling in with his first-team, Counter Logic Gamer, which he stood with for almost 4 years. For the most part of his career as a gamer, Doublelift was known by his followers and fans as North America’s premier AD Carry and is currently among the top three players in the region. Doublelift now plays for the Team SoloMid.

Fun fact

In the summer of 2011, Peng played in his first major tournament at The DreamHack Riot, Season 1 Championship hosted in Sweden. However, getting there wasn’t easy for the famous gamer since — at the time — he needed his parents’ permission to go and up until then, he kept his gaming hidden from them as they believed gaming was a waste of time. Fortunately, his older brother was able to convince their parents to let Doublelift go.

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