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10 Top Paying Side Hustles for Women

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As women continue making their mark in the workplace, they continue to further solidify themselves by pursuing hobbies or side interests that not only improve their skills but also to satisfy their passions. The most attractive side hustles include those that will provide some additional revenue that will make the sacrifice all worthwhile.

What to look for

When looking for your ideal match of personality and side job, you should seek only to pursue those options that would allow you to do what you enjoy, allow as much flexibility as possible and have a low cost of the initial investment. The whole idea is to love what you do.

1. Ride-share driver

As a side hustle, one available asset that most people have is a car. Both Uber and Lyft always keep an eye out for those that are looking are some extra money during their most flexible hours. In order to be a driver, you must be at least 21 years old, have at least one year of driving experience, vehicle registration, car insurance, a vehicle with a seating capacity for five and has four-doors, and successfully pass the background checks. Another alternative option if you own your car is selling your older vehicles for cash.

2. Meal delivery

If the idea of rideshare driving is not ideal for you, then maybe the meal delivery option would be best such as Postmates and Uber Eats. Here, a customer can order some takeout dinner, the driver picks up the meal and delivers it to the customer accepting no cash while driving.

3. Freelancing

If you have some natural talent, you can package your talents and offer them to someone that would be in need of your services. Joining a freelance network will allow you to market your skills in specific areas of need. You decide how much you charge for your services.

4. Tutoring

For those that have experience in teaching, tutoring online will allow you to make some extra cash in a safe environment. You are in charge of the fees and hours.

5. English as a second language

Due to the influx of those seeking permanent residency in the United States, there is a big demand from foreign residents to learn English as a second language.

6. Selling goods

If your natural talent is making crafts, you can pursue a side hustle that would allow you to sell them and make some real money. There are many platforms out there that would assist you with marketing your crafts and generating increased cash flow over time.

7. Grocery delivery

A generation’s mindset is shifting to timesaver’s for those mundane tasks. One of the greatest needs is to reduce visits to the grocery store. Nowadays, there are grocery delivery businesses that are seeking flexible workers to solve this need in today’s world.

8. Produce online courses

If you have achieved mastery in any specific field, create an online course that would allow those to learn from you. Just from your experience alone, you can create a tremendous amount of passive income.

9. Selling clothes

There are some platforms that will allow you to upload images of clothing and attire that allows you to sell your items without the hassle of inventory. Therefore, you can create a virtual store of items from your closet.

10. Airbnb leasing

Why not convert a bedroom into a real Airbnb opportunity. You can convert an unused bedroom to a consistent stream of revenue overnight.

In your pursuit of being a high-income side hustler, you must let your natural personality reveal itself. Additionally, you should definitely be willing to learn, be coachable, be proactive, and maintain attainable goals.

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