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How to Earn Money from Instacart Shopper Sign-up Bonus 2022

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Instacart is another grocery store delivery gig app that is gaining popularity ever since the coronavirus outbreak. Many people ages 50+ or individuals who have preexisting conditions have resorted to getting groceries through Instacart to ensure they are safe from potentially getting infected with the coronavirus. In order words, the demand for grocery delivery apps like Instacart is booming.

How much does Instacart pay?

Instacart pay varies, but much like its gig app competitors, the pay is determined by the grocery store batches you accept from the app. In other words, depending on the miles, tip, and Instacart base pay, your payment may vary. Instacart pay can sometimes average over $15/hour when considering base pay and tips when following the right strategies.

The rule of thumb I try to follow is that every mile should be compensated with over a dollar. For example, if there is a batch order for Safeway that is 7 miles away, but the pay is $5. You may think twice before accepting that Safeway order because time is the essence and a better order may come along. You want to make sure you are spending your time efficiently so I try to follow a 1 mile/$1 dollar minimum ratio.

Instacart makes looking at how much you get paid before accepting an order super transparent. You are able to view how much you will get paid per batch order you accept and how many items you have to gather to deliver to the customer. However, be wary that you won’t be able to view the itemized items until you accept the order.

Who is Instacart perfect for?

Instacart is perfect for people who like to scavenger hunt for items and wander mindlessly in grocery stores. In other words, for patient users who just like to pass the time and don’t take the earnings too seriously will enjoy the activity of being a personal shopper. However, if you are inpatient and constantly are frustrated and flustered with not finding items on a list, Instacart may not be the best gig working app for you to generate extra income.

Instacart referral code for new driver sign-up bonus

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How to get higher tips or even unicorn tips more frequently?

  1. Be familiar with the aisles with the stores you are shopping for in order to find items you are hunting down quicker.
  2. Read signs and take advantage of customer assistance when you can’t find an item.
  3. Use Instacart’s bar code scanner to ensure you are finding the right item and size.
  4. Communicate clearly and effectively with the customer if you can’t find an item and may need to substitute the item for another because of the store not carrying the item any more or the item is just not available.
  5. Drive with a full tank of gas and bring an external battery charger because you will be on your phone a lot in the grocery store.
  6. Unicorn tips, an abnormally sized tip from a satisfied customer, are generally given out to Instacart users randomly but it ultimately comes down to satisfying the customer and thinking about the little things like reading their comments and feedback and actually fulfilling them.
  7. Deliver the groceries on-time and if you run into something unexpected, communicate accordingly to get a time extension.
  8. Follow the 1 unit/$1 dollar minimum ratio rule when it comes to accepting a new batch
  9. Read and become a regular of the subreddit, InstacartShoppers, over at Reddit.

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