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Why Customized Logo Design Is Necessary for Small Businesses & Startups

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Why having a customized logo design is important? 

As a small business owner (or a startup-er) you’d come across this question, often, especially when you want to up your marketing and branding game. 

A business logo acts as a face for the organization just like us, humans, who recognize each other with different facial characteristics. So, if you’re planning to operate your business without having a customized logo design, think again! 

We understand that you’d have so many doubts when it comes to have a customized logo design for a small business or a startup. So, here are some helpful points to resolve the fuss around this much important decision that can change your branding’s success rate.

Why You Need a Customized Logo Design?

Do you know that more than 60% Fortune 500 companies invest a considerable amount of money in a design rich logo? Why do they believe in the power of a customized logo design so much that they won’t agree on an average logo design? To answer this, here are some interesting reasons to consider having a customized logo design for your small business or a new startup. 

Have a Unique Identity

Let’s go basic for a moment and recall how you interact with everybody you meet every day? 

You recall the facial expressions of anyone who you’re meeting after a long time? I mean it could be a friend from your first job, an acquaintance from your gym or anyone who you want to approach for a little chit chat. 

If you got my point, let us put this analogy into business and how people make most of their purchasing decisions. Just like a face, they recall your business name (or try to remember your logo). And this is where having a customized logo design for a small business or a startup can pay off in winning that customer. 

To put it simple, having a customized logo design for your business enables you to have a corporate face for it. A face that people not just identify but also search once they’ve known how great your products are. 

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Give Professional Vibes

Let’s assume that it’s the special night when you’d confess your love to the girl, you’re spending time with and you want everything to go as planned. Perfect ambience, no distraction as you say those magical words and the right music selection in the background. 

Would you rather go for a themed restaurant or choose a crowded food truck to propose her? 

Did you say the themed restaurant? 


But why did you do so? 

Because you’re convinced, they’re professional and can deliver what you’re planning for the evening. And the food truck is not predictable in terms of a peaceful environment that you two need, right?

And the logo had any role in your selection? Exactly my point!

Your customers look at your logo while they decide if you’re a professional service provider or not. 

So, invest in a customized logo design and give your company a professional vibe. 

A Distinct Persona 

There are dozens of mobile manufacturers but why people treat Apple as a supreme amongst them? 

It’s because of the logo!

See, Apple (like every successful branding expert) has figured to incorporate their logo into the ideation, marketing, and user experience that people feel proud of. Everyone has a phone but when they’re using Apple’s, they call it iPhone. 

Why so? 

Because there’s the customized logo on the phone that gives it a special status in the phones. 

So, if you want to get a distinct identity of your business, too, you must consider investing into a customized logo design for your small business or the startup. 

Master Grabbing Attention

A human eyeball scans through 10,000 different items in a day and your business name is one tiny line in them all.

How do you plan to grab their attention if your business offers identical item that thousand others do, too? This is where having a customized logo design can save you from getting lost in the sea of unlimited business names. 

To make it clearer, and easy to understand, let us explain in simple words!

With the use of a distinctive design, special fonts and a smart color choice, you can glorify your business’s face, the logo design. A customized logo design can offer your business that unique element that makes everyone stop and stare again. 

And this could be a winning moment for your company once you successfully get their attention and increase your chances of being picked. 

Impeccable First Impression

Every business has some marketing objectives which is why it invests into a custom logo design. 

This objective could be to portray the business as a green initiative supporter or someone who has the Customers-First service structure. Since your customers meet your business way before they enter the facility (via the logo design), you must have an excellent first impression on them. 

When you opt for a customized logo design, you have an edge over narrating your story the way you want and stand out from your competitors. In simple words, you can smartly achieve your marketing goals by instilling that impeccable first impression objective. 

Make It Memorable

Logos, especially customized logo designs, are an excellent choice for making your brand memorable for the one-time shopper. 

Let’s assume that your small business is one of the ships amongst thousands in a vast sea and your customers may confuse it several other identical ones. In this scenario the logos act as the flag on top of the ship that your customers can use to identify your business. So, having a customized logo design can help you not in making it identifiable but also memorable, too.

Just make sure it has the right ingredient in terms of color scheme, font and the design in order to offer your brand that memorability element. 

Build Brand Loyalty

Ever thought what makes Audi so special when it’s just a car and has the same basic functionality (to take you places)? It’s because when people see that logo, they know that its not just a car but a perfect option for someone seeking a luxury vehicle. That’s the kind of effect a customized logo design can have on your brand!

If you operate facelessly, you’re at a risk of losing customers in case your competitor sells identical products. A customized logo design offers your business an edge over your (non-logo) competitors when your customers specifically ask for your brand. 

In other words, your logo design acts as a quality stamp on your products that consumer seeks while shopping. 

Offer Sense of Belonging

Suppose, you run a spa and want to have a logo that reciprocate a kind of calm feeling that you promise to your customers.

Your logo designer shows you a flamingo design and a cheetah illustration for your customized logo design. Which one you’d rather choose? 

A cheetah illustration depicts rather violent vibes than the flamingo that indicates a soothing feeling. Since it’s a spa where people come to relax, they’ll relate with the flamingo design more easily. 

The crux of the above explanation is that your logo design can offer your customers a sense of belonging, too. They’ll know it’s the right business upon the first glimpse on your logo!

Do you know that you can display your USPs via your logo design!

Yes, A logo is not there to make your business identifiable only as it has many other functions, too. You can, very strategically, infuse certain feelings into your logo that makes your brand distinctive and communicate with your consumers, too. 

Look at Google, Rolex, or Burger King and recall what adjective comes to your mind when you see them? The most used search engine, the premium watchmaker and McDonald’s sarcastic rival (pun intended) are one of the most common lines that come to your mind, right? 

That’s the magic of using a customized logo design for your small business or a startup that you can experience, too. 

Essential Points to Consider

We hope that now you know the importance of having a customized logo design for your small business or a startup. Below is a summary of all the points, mentioned above, for you:

  • Enjoy a unique identity of your brand with a customized logo design. 
  • By opting for a customized logo design, you can give your business a professional vibe, too.
  • With a customized logo, you can have an edge over your competitors. 
  • A customized logo helps you get your customer’s attention, too.
  • Introduce your business with a perfect first impression via logo design.
  • With a logo design, you can make your business memorable and recognizable for your clients. 
  • Create the brand loyalty via logo and rule the industry.
  • Give your clients something to relate with via logo. 
  • You can communicate via your logo design if you opt for a customized logo for your business.

Comment below and let us know your reason to invest in a customized logo design for your small business or a startup.

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