Habits of Highly Effective Traders

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Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to up your game when it comes to securities trading? Many years ago, there were numerous books atop the best-seller lists about personal habits shared by successful people. We traders can learn a lot from that sort of approach, but what traits go on the effective traders list? Here are four that can act as a starting point if you want to improve your game, make more informed purchases, get out of positions in time, and not spend too much of your precious account capital in the process. It’s important to remember that helpful trading habits vary, depending on what kind of investing you do.

For Day Traders

Day trading is a challenging way to make a living. It takes perseverance, a positive attitude, and the ability to look at the big picture. Perhaps the best way to instill those qualities in oneself is with good, old-fashioned practice. Fortunately, the better platforms offer simulators. These robotic teachers are excellent instructors and should be part of every new day-trader’s education. The beauty of a full-scale simulator is that you can practice using virtual currency, so there’s no risk of burning through cash while you learn. And, they teach patience because you’ll see how rash decision-making and jumping the gun will whittle away an account in a matter of hours.

Like sports professionals, day traders can get into slumps. When that happens, it’s essential to have the emotional composure to keep on going, making careful purchases and sales and abiding by your own set of rules. There’s a lesson in the word day. It’s helpful to cultivate an attitude of, yesterday was yesterday, and it’s over, and today is a blank slate.

For Forex Enthusiasts

Self-education is also a key component of learning how to buy and sell foreign currency pairs. But the personal qualities that make for a successful practitioner are slightly different compared to day trading or long-term investing. Forex enthusiasts need to read the financial and international news wires regularly, not just on the days they trade. 

Plus, because global currency markets are so complex and affected by all kinds of events, it’s necessary to stay on top of non-financial news as well. You don’t need to be a mathematician to get involved in forex, but it helps to study how to structure your trades. One example is the setting of stops is a learned skill. Many participants in forex use larger stops on the gain side than on the loss side of each trade.

For Long-Term Investors

People who aim to earn long-term profits on their investments face an entirely different set of obstacles. First, they must learn to ignore the immediate noise of daily market swings. Temporary volatility is unimportant if you’re looking to build a portfolio over the span of a decade or more. For retirement portfolio building, investors need to focus on research and have the discipline to do hours of research in their spare time. Part of that self-education should include in-depth analysis of companies you’re considering for inclusion in your portfolio.

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