Lemonade Review: Which to Pick – Lemonade vs Geico Home Insurance

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Chances are you may be looking for home insurance and have come across various home insurance companies like Lemonade and Geico and may be wondering how they match up or differ in product and service?

Fortunately, you have come across the right post on the web to dig deeper into the home insurance policy of traditional home insurance companies from the likes of Lemonade vs Geico.

Understanding home insurance

For a quick refresher, you may want to understand what home insurance is, what it’s for, and how to find a home insurance policy that best matches your needs.

What is home insurance?

Home insurance enables homeowners like yourself to rest with peace of mind knowing that when a disaster strikes, you are covered. It adds an extra layer of financial protection for one of your biggest investments: your home.

When purchasing a home, you cannot go without having home insurance. In spite of the requirement to have home insurance by most mortgage holders, it makes sense to protect your home from natural disasters and yourself from any potential financial hardship. Why wouldn’t you have home insurance, to be honest?

Lemonade Review

What is Lemonade?

Lemonade is an insurance carrier built to provide the best, most delightful, and most transparent insurance experience in the world.

Lemonade is a fully licensed and regulated insurance company, which means that the company underwrite, price, and sell policies, as well as handle and pay claims.

Lemonade is a registered public benefit corporation and a certified B-Corp, which means any leftover premiums are donated to help charities.

The case for Lemonade

Lemonade’s business model is unique in that they do not have any sales agents and do not rely on leftover premiums to make money. How does this differ from traditional insurance business models? According to the Lemonade FAQ,

Traditionally insurance companies generate profits from whatever’s left after paying claims and expenses. So, whenever they pay a claim, they actually lose money. This is why getting claims paid by traditional insurers can be hard. Lemonade was built differently.

How does Lemonade make money?

Instead of profiting from unclaimed premiums, Lemonade takes a flat fee, and donates whatever may be left, after paying claims and expenses, to charities with the Lemonade Giveback.

About Lemonade’s GivebackProgram

Another unique aspect of Lemonade Insurance’s business model is called the Giveback program. At the end of the year, if there is any money left over in the individual’s payout pool, the money is given to a charity that the individual previously selected. Individuals are grouped with others who support the same charity. It is the goal of Lemonade Insurance to pay out to the Giveback program everywhere, but it is not guaranteed. The company’s first priority is paying claims of course.

What does Lemonade Home Insurance typically come with?

  1. Dwelling coverage for your home
  2. Other structures (your driveway, fence, tool shed, etc)
  3. Personal property
  4. Loss of Use will help with additional living expenses (like hotel bills) if your place becomes uninhabitable due to a peril like a fire, windstorm, etc.
  5. Liability Coverage or personal liability insurance refers to coverage in the case of bodily injury or property damage to other people (or their stuff) as a result of your actions – at your home, and anywhere else
  6. Medical Payments to help pay for medical bills, under $5,000 in most cases, that you incur if something happens to guests while at your place

How does Lemonade compare with Geico?

Lemonade home insurance is the best bang for your buck when comparing rates with traditional insurance companies like Geico. With Lemonade’s technology, transparency, and social good initiatives, Lemonade is making a name for itself by taking an innovative approach to insurance.

Unlike traditional insurance companies like Geico, Lemonade is built on a digital platform, which helps lower the costs of the insurance policy and passes over the savings to the customer, which makes Lemonade’s rates for home insurance much more attractive.

However, we recommend doing your own due diligence and research on what a home insurance plan looks like for your own unique situation.

Share your experience in the comment section below

Have you used Lemonade or Geico before? How has your experience differ for Lemonade vs Geico?

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