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Six Powerful Marketing Ideas to Increase E-commerce Revenue in 2023

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The outbreak of COVID19 has turned the world upside down; with nowhere to go and nothing much to do, people today are going online to deal with their needs and wants. Today we have various e-commerce shopping solutions; we know how Amazon has changed the shopping world. Apart from the shopping world, 2020 has been pretty strange for all the businesses and brands online. There has been a tremendous change in the way people shop today and do business; the drastic growth in the economic aspects suggests the pause mainly because of the COVID19 economic effects. Despite the constant lagging in the financial situation of the business world, many new businesses came into being as well. Brands like Ingenious Gurus have been pretty supportive in branding these businesses and give them an identity. 

Nevertheless, according to some business experts, the sudden current upsurge in sales is expected to slow down a little in the coming years. One of the main reasons online sales skyrocketed is that consumers avoided traditional shopping and went out for their shopping needs. When everything was available online, there was no need to step outside the house and put yourself in danger. However, now that things are getting better a little, people are getting back to their usual self, and hence the traditional shopping is back on track again. In order to keep the brands on point and the businesses running, it is essential to have an authentic logo designing agency.

If you are looking for ways to raise your business and want a little inspiration, this is the blog post for you. We have various e-commerce marketing ideas for you that you can try out right now.

Now coming to the main question, “What do we mean by e-commerce marketing”?

E-commerce Marketing

It describes a wide range of activities that a brand undertakes to market the e-commerce store; in a layman language, we can say it is all about promoting an e-commerce business. When we talk about the best marketing programs for e-commerce businesses, it involves both online and offline marketing and accounts for different funnel stages. The funnel stage begins from the awareness section to consideration to buying and lastly the retention. 

Let’s talk about some essential marketing tactics of e-commerce businesses.

Here we will be discussing all kinds of marketing tactics that can promote your e-commerce business. 

Google Tools

There are various Google Tools that you can take advantage of; the key is to be persistent and be ready to take on all kinds of challenges that come in your way of marketing the product. One of the top tools that people usually use is Google Trends, as it helps in gauging the consumer search by providing some real-time search trends. Another notable Google trend that we can talk about is Test My Site. You cannot always be sure about your site’s performance; therefore, Google offers you a tool through which you can test your site. Test My Site is a tool that checks the site speed of your mobile phone and delivers the best experience. 

Market Finder is another tool that helps marketers promotes their e-commerce business. It enables you to get the idea and insights which identify the upcoming global markets. Last and not least, the Rich Media Gallery is one authentic tool that browses innovative and new creative’s all from the top marketing agencies and advertisers.

SEO your business products

SEO is one of the most critical parts of e-commerce marketing; it would be a total miss if we do not talk about it in our marketing tactics. Start with SEO-ing category pages and product pages first since you want to sell your products and be available online so that your audience can get your products with the first click. 

Whether you are paying for a managed SEO service or SEO-ing your e-commerce store by yourself, cross-check and make sure you are doing the following steps.

  • It is imperative to include a unique and different title tag along with the compelling meta description that must use keywords and force searches to click on their link.
  • Add multiple images of the products; all of them must include some alt texts along with your target keywords.
  • The product description must also have the targeted keywords.
  • URL should be keyword targeted too.
  • Use Product Schema to enhance your visibility on the Google search with availability, rating information, and price.

Lastly, it is essential to follow an SEO-friendly structure that will enhance your Google search results and make it possible for the Google crawlers to index the pages of your products.

Be direct with your product reviews

One of the biggest mistakes most marketers make is hesitation while posting their customers’ reviews regarding their products. I mean, what is there to hide? Nothing right? So be direct with them, deliver their raw reviews to your potential customers to entice them to buy your products. If once in a while you get bad reviews, try to deal with that customer reasonably and turn them into cheerful customers.

Your customer reviews can do miracles for your brand; look at these stats and see how the product reviews can make conversions for you.

  • By adding reviews, you have better chances to increase the conversion rate for the better-priced products that is almost 400%.
  • You can have a sudden upsurge in your sales by almost 18%, which is GREAT.
  • According to 70% of the customers, they prefer buying products with some good reviews from the customers.

Most shoppers like to read reviews before they actually buy the product. In case you do not have any reviews on your website, chances are your customers might go to your competitors or someone with the reviews and buy from them. You do not want to lose your customers only because you thought adding reviews would not do much for you, trust me.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the marketing techniques that have recently gained so much attention in the last few years. If we talk about how it helps the brands, then there are endless opportunities. When we discuss social media, it is imperative to use influencer marketing. They have the tendency to take the simplest of reviews and turn them into a hyper drive, and it drives the potential customers to your stores. 

A general customer review does not have much worth as it is not seen to the broader public but only those who visit your website. On the contrary, reviews from influencers work; differently they can tremendously admire people and entice them to buy from them. These are those people; your potential customers religiously follow, and they tend to get influenced by them as well. 

There is no denying that the influencers are trusted people who have a massive audience and can bring them to your e-commerce site. Therefore, investing in them would not be a bad idea. If you ask the general shopper, 3 out of 6 would say they take influencer’s suggestions and advice pretty seriously and shop from them.

For your product promotion, you can always approach these people for your branding, partner with them for your product promotions and social media campaigns, and see your sales skyrocketing. Although it is pretty easy and helpful to contact an influencer for promotion purposes, it’s not always that convenient. So alternatively social media users may find more about growth tools or bot services to grow their reach. For example, Instagram users may look for an Instagram bot or tool to increase their engagement to get more visibility.

Get sales with killing discounts

Discounts are the keys to reaching the customer’s heart; as much as you think floating discounts in the market is costly and does not do many conversions, it is not the case. Discounts may be a little heavy on your pocket today, but once you have made a solid customer base, you are in for the longer race. They have various benefits in the long run and can get you lots of customers on hand. Customers absolutely love discounts; they feel like they are involved in their family and become a part of it.

Just introduce a flash sale that can get you lots of email subscribers. Do not forget to market your discounts on your social media beforehand so that you can get as many followers as you want. Moreover, you can also offer some crazy promo codes to all your customers and get some heavy traffic on your website. Since customers love discounts and we love conversions, don’t we? So, it is a pretty Win-Win situation.

Video Marketing

If you wish to get some crazy traffic to your website, get more and more video content on your page. According to 86% of marketers, one of the many ways of increasing traffic is to add video content to their e-commerce website. If we talk about customers, almost 84% of the customers say the video content is why they buy the product from them.

Make the best use of this power for your web page; you can create many videos, such as demonstrating how your product can be used and adding them to your products’ pages. You can also get some influencers on board with you and share their video content on your pages.

E-commerce business has become quite convenient today, all you have to do is innovative marketing, and you are all set to flourish!

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