Top 10 One-year MBA Courses in Europe Which Can Save Money and Time

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MBA in UK is one of the most chosen programs by management aspirants. And the reason behind this is pretty simple, MBA degree holders from the UK and other European countries can expect salaries between $44,405 to $124,111 (Eur 36,632 – Eur 102,383).

However, the fact is that the 2-year MBA program is expensive and also requires a lot of time and dedication. That’s why nowadays, the shorter, yet intensive one-year MBA in the UK and Europe are becoming more and more popular.

Such programs are comparatively cheaper, offer summer internship opportunities, and more flexibility in terms of eligibility requirements. If money or time is stopping you from studying an MBA in UK or Europe, then check out these top one-year MBA courses in Europe that will lead you to your destination.

MBA in UK & Europe: Top 10 One-year MBA Courses in Europe


Where: Paris, Singapore

Cost: $108,260

INSEAD has two campuses located in Singapore and Paris. Both the campuses offer a 10-month, accelerated MBA program. Students can choose their first half of the course from more than 14 courses and the second half from over 75 courses based on their choices.

INSEAD students also benefit from participating in the student exchange program in Abu Dhabi or Singapore and summer internships. Various leading recruiters from all over the globe visit the campus to recruit talents for their companies. Some of the top recruiters are Bain & Company, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, etc.

Saïd Business School

Where: Oxford

Cost: $72,460

The one-year MBA in UK program at Saïd Business School attracts students from over 67 countries every year. This program begins with a two-week MBA induction, where students get to connect with others and gain skills required in the core courses. The course is designed to ensure that students can tackle problems in the business sector like accounting, leadership, finance, etc.

Saïd Business School grads receive great job offers from top companies, with a handsome salary package of about $151,895 on average.

Judge Business School

Where: Cambridge

Cost: $67,860

The Judge Business School, Cambridge, offers an intensive one-year MBA program. The course is divided into four terms and includes three team projects and one individual project. Students get to select their course from 48 elective courses based on their interests. In addition to that, there are 16 compulsory modules to learn in this MBA in UK course.

Judge Business School graduates can expect an attractive salary package that can reach up to $167,610 after three years of their degree.

SDA Bocconi School of Management

Where: Milan

Cost: $71,770

The SDA Bocconi School of Management’s program is one of the top programs in Italy. It highly focuses on entrepreneurial concepts. The course duration is over nine months, after which students can join an internship, entrepreneurial project, or company.

Apart from the core subjects, students can choose two managerial areas to focus on during their degree. The school also has a Luxury Business Management course in collaboration with top brands in the fashion industry.

IMD Business School

Where: Lausanne

Cost: $105,500

IMD Business School conducts a unique one-year MBA, which is open for only 90 students. The program’s cost is higher than most others on this list, but it opens up various career opportunities. Grads of IMD are offered high-paying jobs from leading companies like Amazon, AT Kearney, etc., and usually get promoted within 18 months.

The IMD MBA program offers eight core courses. Also, students can choose from a range of elective subjects based on their interests.

IE Business School

Where: Madrid

Cost: $79,633

IE Business School’s International MBA program is a flagship full-time MBA course. The course is to transform entrepreneurs and professionals into leaders who can change the world.

The course is of 11 months with 45% customizable content. Hence, students can choose their preferred concentration areas from Marketing, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Operations, Finance, etc., based on their career aspirations.

ESSEC Business School

Where: Paris, Singapore

Cost: $50,472

ESSEC offers a full-time one-year MBA program in both France and Singapore campuses. There are three majors to choose from, Strategy & Management, Strategy & Digital Leadership, and Luxury Brand Management. The curriculum of each of these majors is designed to provide industry-specific skills and knowledge to the students to build successful careers.

Apart from the program, students also can attend training, workshops, industry certifications, etc., to enhance their hard and soft skills.

ESSEC Business School

Where: Paris, London, Singapore

Cost: $53,520

EDHEC Business School has a ten-month MBA program that includes two international business trips, a two-month MBA project, and career counseling. The MBA in the UK course attracts students from over 30 nations every year. Hence you get a global experience while learning.

EDHEC offers MBA specialization courses in various fields, including Leadership, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, etc. In addition to the core subjects, students can personalize their course by choosing subjects of their choice.

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Where: Rotterdam

Cost: $59,607

Rotterdam School of Management’s full-time International MBA program focuses on leadership and interpersonal skill development. In addition, the extensive knowledge database aims to help the students to understand the industry better.

The course is divided into two terms. In the first term, students learn core business courses and build their skillset. And in the second half, students can go for international exchange programs. There are also 30 electives so that students can pursue the courses of their interest.

Imperial College Business school

Where: London

Cost: $68,910

Imperial College’s MBA program focuses on providing modern thinking and experiences using various projects, to prepare students for tackling business challenges. Students can take core course modules in the first half, which involve business concepts like Marketing, Strategy, Finance, and Operations. 

In the second half, they can tailor their curriculum to learn additional elective courses based on their career aspirations. To study MBA in UK, Imperial College is one of the finest options.

The College offers a challenging environment so that students can develop their skill set and create an impact on society.

If you are planning for an MBA in UK or any other European country in the coming year, you can check out these best one-year MBA courses that will save you time and money. These courses are tailor-made for this fast-paced business environment. Studying these programs will eventually lead management aspirants to their career goals!

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