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Some Common Misconceptions About LMS

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All companies these days ensure that they are providing the best training and learning facilities to their employees. Much research is done to curate the most exemplary training programs for the employees, partners, and clients.

For this purpose, the companies use different Learning Management Systems or LMS to train their employees. A learning management system is software for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses and training programs. They are designed to identify the learning gaps by utilizing analytical data, thus creating a personalized and effective training module for its employees.

Although the use of LMS is a common and well-recognized practice in the market, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths about using LMS. Some believe that it is effective for use only if used by giant global organizations. Some believe that popular e-learning software like Cloud Academy is expensive, some believe that LMS is not safe, etc. There is a lot of confusion about the use of LMS available in the public domain.

This article is a small effort to bust some of those myths. So let’s begin.

Myth #1 LMS is a big expense

Introducing a new thing like an LMS can cost the company significantly, but it doesn’t mean this expense is unnecessary. LMS systems have proven to be very effective and offer a significant Return on investment by enabling the employees to do more, be more and contribute more. So next time you hear someone saying that LMS is expensive, tell them to analyze its returns on investment and then decide.

Myth #2 LMS are not safe

Many people think that certain or all LMS are not safe and pose a threat to the privacy and security of their users. This is entirely wrong. Most of us spend our whole day using various social media platforms that offer less or no privacy protection. On the other hand, LMS is equipped with different features like firewalls, encryptions, etc., to make sure the user data is not manipulated.

Myth #3 LMS offers no personalization

Personalized learning is a significant boost in increasing the productivity of your employees. Most companies these days try to offer more personalized learning experiences to their employees. Now, as the e-learning industry is mainly dependent on LMS, if these LMSs are equipped enough to provide personalized learning, the answer is yes. Most LMS are well-equipped to provide the learners with a personalized and suitable learning experience.

Myth #4 LMS needs no upgrade

Today’s world is changing at an unprecedented pace, and with the use of technologies, everything needs to be updated with time. The same goes with using LMS. Some people think that introducing a new LMS in the organization is all they need, and they would not need to change it for decades. This is wrong. A particular LMS may not be able to cater to your organization’s learning needs after a specific time. There can be many reasons for this, like changes in learning requirements, new technologies, changes in the no, of users, etc. So don’t think that we will be using the same LMS for generations.

Myth #5 LMS is not effective for all

Some people believe that using an LMS will be effective only for some of their employees or users belonging to a specific department. However, this is utterly false. Anyone who knows his learning needs and the offerings of the LMS can learn new things and enhance their skills.

The bottom line

Like anything available in the public domain, LMS, too, is a victim of baseless and illogical misconceptions spread by some people. So instead of believing what you hear, you should think logically and then decide the best thing for you.

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