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How to Know if Freelance Work Is Right for You

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The past two years have definitely shown us the value of having a flexible job that allows you to work remotely. This new work-from-home movement has given many a new mindset, and it’s one that is fighting against being stuck back inside an office. But if you’re thinking about going the freelance route and working remotely indefinitely, there are a few things to consider first.

While the freedom that comes with a remote working location can sound lovely, there are many logistical things to work out. You will need to think about things like health insurance and your workspace, taxes, and managing finances. Did you know there can even be changes in car insurance by occupation

You have to ask yourself some tough questions and figure out if this is really the right move for you long-term. While it can be overwhelming, it’s important to really give this decision the thought it deserves. Here are some of the biggest factors to take into consideration.

Plan the Logistics of Working From Home

The most important factors to plan when you’re thinking about going remote full-time are insurance, finances, work space, and of course, what you’ll offer and how you will promote your business. Let’s walk through each of these.


What will insurance look like if you go from a traditional job to working freelance? Everything from your car insurance to your health insurance will be affected by this change, so it’s definitely something to look into. Each person’s situation is different and there are options for great insurance as a freelancer, just as there are with traditional jobs.

Insurance can be especially important if you have a family that relies on your self-employment income. Look into affordable whole life insurance quotes that can provide your family with support if a disaster strikes.


Freelance work can drastically change your financial situation, sometimes for the better and sometimes for worse. Freelance has the opportunity to make you more money and charge a higher hourly rate, but this won’t happen if you don’t have consistent clients, unlike a traditional 9-to-5 job, where you are paid the same salary month after month.

You may also need to plan on putting some initial investment into starting your freelance business. You might need to create a work space, buy a computer and other equipment, and maybe even hire someone to build you a website to promote your services. This startup cost will need to be considered in your finances as well. 

Work Space

Where will you work from? Having a dedicated space to do your work is crucial to making your business feel real and helping you stay on task. Do you have free space in your home to build out an office? Will you need to rent a space or purchase space to begin your freelance journey? This is something to think about. 

Many freelancers choose to work from coffee shops or cafes. This is the beauty of being freelance. You can work from just about anywhere. However, it is important to choose a space that is comfortable for you and will help you stay focused on your work.

Having a dedicated laptop for work purposes can significantly enhance your focus as well. It should be equipped exclusively with software necessary for your job and contain only work-related files. To maintain this level of organization, consider following these instructions to clean your Mac’s hard drive from all the clutter. You’ll find that doing this will allow you to concentrate on your work tasks in full and free you from distractions.

What will your freelance business be?

This is the first and the most important question to answer. What type of freelance or remote work are you looking to do? Now, there are so many options. You can do anything from customer service to human resources from the comfort of your home. So take some time to think about what you’re good at, have experience in, and enjoy doing.

How will you market your business?

Once you’ve decided on what you want to do, you need to get the word out there. You want clients to find you and hire you for your services. As a freelancer, you could have contracted clients who you work with every month or clients who you work with for one project. Either way, these clients will need to find you one way or another.

You could have a website built or use LinkedIn or Facebook to market your services. Word of mouth is also a great way to get your name out there. One of the hardest things about freelance work can be keeping a steady flow of clients coming your way. It’s important to take the steps to make sure people can find you when they need your services.

So, is freelance work right for you?

While there are many benefits to freelance work, it’s not always the best option for everyone. There are many factors to consider before making the leap. It can be a lot of work to get your freelance business started, but in the end, it just might be worth it.

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Sam Timmerman writes and researches for the car insurance site, She enjoys working in a freelance position and helping others figure out if it could be right for them as well.

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