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Credit Karma App Review: How to Get Free Credit Score Monitoring

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Credit Karma has always been committed to helping its customers make better financial decisions. One way to improve your credit and financial situation is to become familiar with the various factors that influence your credit score and to make use of helpful tools to keep track of these influences. A credit score checker at its core, Credit Karma has since evolved into a comprehensive suite of financial management and planning tools.

This includes Credit Karma’s mobile app, which alerts users to unusual spending, when their credit score falls below a certain threshold, and a variety of other helpful features. In contrast to multiple requests for credit reports, which can lower your overall credit score, this app can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each user without impacting the overall credit score. Many Credit Karma reviews have given the app high scores in versatility and usefulness to customers. So how can you use this app to improve your credit rating?

Download the Credit Karma App

To begin, go to the app store of your choice and download the app for your specific smartphone or tablet. Look up “Credit Karma” in the App Store on an iOS device. The app is only compatible with iOS 11.0 or higher devices. Create an account on Credit Karma’s website before downloading and installing the app so that you can log in with your credentials. Go to the Google Play Store and follow the same steps for Android devices as well. Once the app is installed, you can begin taking advantage of the app’s unique features.

Credit Karma App Features

1. In-App Notifications

In the event of significant changes in your credit history, the app can send you multiple alerts. Credit Karma uses Equifax and TransUnion credit reporting agencies to keep an eye on your credit accounts and alert you if there is suspicious activity that could be a sign of identity theft. This can have a negative effect on your credit rating and personal finances.

2. Personalized Approval Odds

By analyzing your credit score, this feature recommends the best options for you when shopping for financial products like personal loans and credit cards. Credit cards with rewards or cash back features, low interest rates, and loans with competitive interest rates that won’t hurt your credit score are all examples of options. When it comes to raising your credit score and improving your financial situation, staying out of debt and avoiding high interest rates are two of the most important things you can do.

3. Relief Roadmap

This feature in the app is useful for those in need of financial relief, or resources to help pay down debt. This tool asks users to enter some personal data such as monthly income, debt, and other factors to suggest some programs the user might qualify for, such as rental assistance and federal mortgage relief programs. This feature is updated regularly with new information, and should be consulted frequently.

4. Credit Karma’s savings program

Credit Karma is now offering high yield savings accounts to those who qualify to help build credit scores by demonstrating the ability to maintain a savings account. This feature allows users to monitor their credit and savings in one location.

5. Credit Karma Tax

Mishandling your taxes is one major contributor to a problematic financial situation, but now Credit Karma allows users to file their taxes through the service using the app. For those who need to file their taxes, Credit Karma Tax has access to all the major tax forms that most people will need, as well as deductions and the Audit Defense feature, to ensure that they are doing everything correctly and avoid the wrath of the IRS. Customers of Credit Karma do not need to pay to use this feature.

Moving Forward

Apps like Credit Karma are essential for anyone who wants to improve their financial situation and credit score. You can use the app to track your finances, file your taxes, and monitor your identity with a variety of useful features. While the app isn’t for everyone, it’s worth a shot if you’re looking for a centralized location to keep track of the most important aspects of your credit and financial history in order to improve your score. Compared to competitors like Mint, which does not offer tax filing options, or CreditWise that does not offer tax filing or savings account options, Credit Karma’s app is the most robust.


Is my information secure with Credit Karma?

Yes, Credit Karma makes use of high-end data encryption to protect your information.

Will regularly checking the app for my credit score count as a credit score inquiry, which more than three a year can cause a red flag on my credit history?

No, checking the Credit Karma app is not registered as a credit score inquiry.

Does Credit Karma offer a credit simulator to test out certain financial strategies virtually before committing to action?

Yes, there is a credit simulator available in the app.

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