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How Do Drivers with Uber Get Paid? How Frequent and What Payment Method?

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How frequently and what payment method are Drivers with Uber paid?

The “gig economy” is thriving, and the rideshare industry is an appealing option for those seeking a flexible work schedule. Apart from “how to sign up to drive with Uber,” the second most frequently asked question for a new driver is “how are drivers with Uber compensated.” Uber pays independent driver earnings  via direct deposit, which is occasionally a slower method of payment but also one of the most secure. While checks sent through the mail may be lost or stolen, and payments made through online payment methods such as PayPal may be the victim of identity theft, direct deposit into a bank account requires routing numbers and several forms of identification, and while direct deposit may occasionally take three to five business days, it is still considered one of the safest methods of payment.

How to Begin

When signing up to drive with Uber, the driver must upload several pieces of identification to verify their identity, including a bank account with a routing number. Once the bank account has been verified, which is typically accomplished by having the owner enter the amount of a very small deposit form into the account, the driver will be able to accept earnings. Payments are made automatically on Wednesdays and Thursdays via ACH direct deposit. The process is faster than in the past, with a typical deposit clearing time of around 1 to 2 days. Additionally, drivers can update their banking information by navigating to “banking” after logging in and clicking the Banking tab to edit their bank account details and their national identification number or business identification number (EIN), should they need to switch to a new bank account.

Additional Alternatives

Uber does offer some alternative payment methods for those who prefer them, for those wondering “how do drivers with Uber get paid without a bank account?” Uber offers an Uber Visa Debit Card, issued by Go Bank, for customers to use the Instant Pay feature to cash out their earnings. Drivers can request payouts up to five times per day, as long as their account balance is at least $1. Drivers may also link their personal debit cards for payout, but each withdrawal will incur a $.50 transaction fee. This is particularly useful in the case of a driver who is scheduled to pick up a rider but must cross a toll road to get there, only to have the rider cancel as they approach. In this way, reimbursement for tolls and a cancellation fee can assist the driver in quickly recouping losses.


In general, driving with Uber provides competitive payment options. Drivers who are wondering “how do Drivers who use Uber Uber get paid?” have a variety of payment and reimbursement options available to them, all of which are convenient and expedient.


How much of your earnings are cashed out?

During a transfer, all of a driver’s earnings, including tips, are cashed out.

How long will the money transfer take?

It is instantaneous when using a debit card, particularly the Uber Visa card. Transferring funds to a bank account typically takes between one and three days.

What other items do drivers receive as compensation?

Vehicle expenses such as gas, tolls, fare corrections, rider cancellation fees, and cleaning or damage to the vehicle will appear as reimbursements in a driver’s earnings, typically under “other” in the app’s display.

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