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What is the Uber Background Check Like?

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Quick Facts About the Uber Background Check

For a business like Uber, the foundation is built on trust. The Uber app helps us to get into a stranger’s car despite the fact that most of us were taught not to do so as children, as a part of normal business dealings. In order for this type of business model to be successful, people must be able to trust each other. Every independent driver with Uber is required to undergo a background check, and must be cleared before they can drive with Uber. With Uber, passengers can relax knowing that their driver has been vetted, including a check for traffic violations and other red flags that could jeopardize their safety and comfort. So, what exactly does the company look for when conducting a background check?

Driver Background

All potential drivers with Uber are subject to a criminal background check in accordance with local and state laws. Checks for sexual assault, murder, felonies and misdemeanors, as well as terrorism-related offenses, are among the ones included in this process. Any serious criminal conviction will disqualify you from the activation process, and according to Uber, there is no time limit on this disqualification. Even if it happened 30 years ago, you are ineligible to participate. A person may be disqualified if they have been convicted of violent or sexual offenses, or if they are a registered sex offender. In addition, unless the charges are resolved in the driver’s favor, anyone who has pending charges for any of these types of crimes will be disqualified during the background check.

Vehicle Inspection

The safety of the vehicles in which passengers travel is also a major concern for them. When someone signs up to drive with Uber, Uber then runs Carfax checks on the vehicles that are registered during the activation process, as well as the driver’s current US driver’s license. Drivers must have a valid driver’s license with no restrictions and at least one year of driving experience, or three years if they are under the age of 25, to be eligible. Major infractions or multiple minor infractions committed in the last three years are examples of some of these. This may also include no-fault accidents, depending on the state. In order to continue to drive with Uber, he or she must own a vehicle that passes a yearly safety inspection and submit a report annually.


In order for Uber’s business model to be successful, the company relies on the trust of its users and independent drivers, which is why the company requires background checks. Like its rivals, Lyft and DoorDash, which also require trust in drivers to operate as a business, Uber conducts a background check of all prospective drivers. If a driver does not clear their background check, they will be disqualified and their application will be rejected.


Do I have to give my consent in order for a background check to be conducted?

Yes, you must, and you’ll be asked to give your permission when you apply. A driver will not be cleared to drive with Uber if they refuse to allow a background check. In order to protect consumers, the Fair Credit Reporting Act governs all checks.

What are the criteria used by Uber when conducting background checks?

Driving records, criminal background checks, traffic accidents, and speeding tickets are all taken into account in the background check to see if there are any indications of reckless driving or other major driving violations, such as DUIs, convictions, and fines, traffic accidents, and speeding tickets.

Is there a time frame for this process?

The time it takes to receive the results of a thorough background check from the various agencies that were consulted during the screening process is usually around 14 days.

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