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Given that the cryptocurrency market has been growing tremendously, the importance of SEO for cryptocurrency grows as well. A recent report shows that cryptocurrency keywords are more and more often used in search engines as users are searching for the corresponding content. Thus, more attention should be paid to cryptocurrency SEO and the opportunities it provides for cryptocurrency brands.

Cryptocurrency SEO in 2022

If you have a website that talks about cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, the crypto market, financial investments, and other similar topics, you should definitely think about SEO for it. The optimization for search engines grants an incredible boost to your website ranking and its visibility on search engine results pages.

The basics of cryptocurrency SEO are pretty much the same as those for other industries. Those are technical, on-page, and off-page SEO techniques that ensure comprehensive promotion and optimization of the website. However, SEO for cryptocurrency differs considerably in terms of keyword research, which would be discussed further.

On-page SEO

First of all, SEO experts pay attention to the elements on the webpage itself and implement any improvements if needed. These activities are referred to as the on-page SEO methods applied for the overall improvement of the website.

When it comes to on-page SEO, webmasters pay attention to the content on the page and keyword density. In the age of artificial intelligence and smart algorithms embedded in search engines, keyword stuffing is no longer an option. It is necessary to create texts with the keywords inserted in the most natural manner. Otherwise, search engines will consider the content of low quality so the website would not be able to get a high ranking for this reason.

Another aspect to pay attention to is the metadata, including meta title and meta description. Those must contain the required number of characters and include the main keywords in them. 

Optimizing the webpage according to the on-page SEO techniques also assumes the implementation of the responsive design. This means that all the pages on the website must open accordingly and show all the contents properly whatever device is used.

Off-page SEO

Another group of methods for optimization refers to the techniques involving the outer leverages. To learn more about off-page SEO techniques for beginners, view page to find comprehensive information on the subject.

The most popular activity of off-page SEO is link building also known as the acquisition of the backlinks. This means that other online resources link back to your cryptocurrency brand website. Link building could be done when you submit guest post on finance blogs. write direct emails to webmasters, and find broken links.

The off-page SEO also implies the utilization of social media platforms as the means for the promotion of the website. Even though social media accounts do not influence the website rankings directly, they help to gain more traffic by attracting more visitors.

Technical SEO

Even though the optimization techniques are extremely important for website promotion, taking care of its technical characteristics is not less significant. Thus, technical SEO includes the procedures which help to determine whether the website performs adequately. Moreover, Google and other search engines pay attention to the technical characteristics when determining the website rankings.

When checking the website performance, technical SEO is aimed to verify the page load speed. In case it takes more than 5 seconds to show the contents of the webpage, then there is a chance that visitors would not want to wait that long.

Technical SEO is also aimed to inspect the Robots.txt and XML sitemap files. Both of them help search engines to determine the website structure and crawl the web pages properly. That is why it is necessary to adjust them to indicate the important pages to be crawled and indexed.

Ensuring security online becomes essential these days, so technical SEO is also aimed to analyze which protocols are used for your website. Make sure that HTTPS certificate is enabled so that your website is kept protected even in insecure networks.

List of popular cryptocurrency keywords

The keyword research for cryptocurrency brands relies on the same SEO tools as for keyword research for other industries. However, the keywords would be obviously cryptocurrency- or finance-related. It is also recommended to use key phrases that correspond to the frequent user search requests to be able to outrank competitors.

The list of popular cryptocurrency keywords:

  • Altcoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Coin
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Crypto market
  • Finance
  • Investment
  • Blockchain

SEO for cryptocurrency brands

After performing the keyword research and selecting those that suit your website best, think of the appropriate SEO strategy for your cryptocurrency brand. It should include SEO methods and techniques that would make sense for your website promotion.

In any case, your SEO strategy should include backlink-building activities as those are usually an integral part of every optimization plan. Think of using the software for building links as well since it could greatly help to monitor your backlink profile, find broken links, and explore the potential resources that could link back to your website.

The cryptocurrency SEO strategy should also be accompanied by marketing activities using advertisement and social media. For instance, Google Ads could greatly help to enhance awareness of your financial blog or cryptocurrency website. Meanwhile, social media could help with expanding your target audience and attracting new visitors to your website.

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