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How to Improve Safety at Your Business

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Keeping your business’s workplace safe is important for many reasons. Not only can it keep everyone healthy and happy, but it also improves your company’s bottom line. If the environment is not safe to work in, you might have issues such as staffing problems and having to pay out increased worker’s comp because of multiple accidents. The good news is there are several ways to ensure everyone stays safe.

Use Telematics with Fleet Management

A fleet can help you get a lot done but using vehicles can also increase the risk of an accident. One way around this difficulty is to use a telematics system, which can monitor your vehicle’s location and speed, as well as check that everyone in the vehicle is wearing seatbelts. This information will help you prevent accidents. Vehicle telematics can be a great investment to keep drivers safe while on the road.

Establishing Safety Procedures

Ensure that everyone knows the guidelines for operating equipment and machines. These guidelines should be kept in a place where everyone can get to them, since they might not be obvious. Not using equipment right can cause injuries, so it’s important for employees to only use machinery as it has been intended. Certain equipment, such as heavy machinery, might require job-specific training. In some cases, your employee might have to attend a class and get a certificate to be qualified to use the machinery. In these cases, make sure that only the right employees have access to the equipment. You might want to have them perform a checklist before they use the machinery.

Maintaining the Building Regularly

You should keep the workplace safe by ensuring you have regularly scheduled maintenance. The building should have enough ventilation. Not only does this make the area more comfortable, but it also ensures combustible materials or toxic substances have enough ventilation. It’s a good idea to make sure you clean areas that often have high levels of moisture, like the basement. This can prevent mold from growing. And you should also get rid of dust and other dirt on a regular basis, since this can lead to illnesses. Hallways should be kept clear of hazards that can led to tripping.

Don’t forget about the outside as well. Clearing debris and snow in cold weather is important to prevent slipping or tripping. It’s a good idea to keep shrubs and trees trimmed regularly because this keeps them from hanging over into areas that people walk in. You may want to have the area inspected often to ensure everything is up to code, so you don’t have to worry about structural damage to the area.

Require Protective Clothing

Safety is a huge piece of the importance of the employee experience overall. People want to feel like their employer is always looking out for their safety. Employees should wear protective equipment and clothing to reduce the risk of being injured while on the job. They can wear things like helmets, gloves, the right eyewear, and shoes that resist slipping. Extreme weather conditions might make it more likely that they need to wear these things. Steel-toed boots can keep the feet from getting crushed by heavy objects, while protective eyewear can keep employees’ eyes safe from flying debris.

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