Zoe Financial vs WiserAdvisor vs Fidelity Comparison: Which Financial Advisor Service to Pick?

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Choosing the Best Financial Advisor App
Getting your finances in order usually requires a certain amount of education and research, which can be time-consuming. Prioritizing your financial situation is a smart thing to do early in life, and financial advisor services and applications are useful to help you get started. Saving and spending wisely, planning ahead for retirement, and investing wisely can all be made easier with the assistance of professional financial planning services. If all of this seems overwhelming, the services of a financial advisor are valuable. In-person financial advisors, while still relevant, are becoming a thing of the past as people increasingly turn to applications on their smartphones for educational materials and remote financial services. But should you go with Zoe Financial vs WiserAdvisor or Fidelity vs WiserAdvisor? If you’re interested in this topic, check out the following resources.

The Best Financial Advisor Apps

Some of the most popular financial advisor services that are available right now are reviewed here.

Zoe Financial

Zoe Financial may be a new name to you, but it offers a comprehensive service that can help you find the information you need based on your personal financial situation and your allocated spending budget. In the end, it’s not really a financial advisory firm at all, but rather a service that connects clients with financial advisors over the internet. When it comes to financial planning and advice, it is more of an online job board. However, all of Zoe’s financial professionals are independent contractors who work on commission-free or low-cost models and will not attempt to sell your products. Zoe makes it simple to find a financial advisor you can afford and provides a wide network of potential advisors who offer planning services in a variety of financial areas. Using the service to locate an advisor is free for users as well. However, advisors may charge fees after the initial consultation, and it is not always obvious up front when choosing an advisor if there will be specialized fees later. Zoe is ideal for those just starting out in their financial lives or for those who might need some assistance with their taxes.


With WiserAdvisor, you don’t have to do any of the legwork to find a competent financial advisor in a sea full of financial advisors. An advisor’s credentials must be verified before they can be listed on WiserAdvisor, which ensures that clients are put in touch with an advisor who best meets their needs. Aside from a list of financial advisors, WiserAdvisor also provides a variety of financial calculators and tools to its users. Because professionals pay to be listed, the service is free for clients, and most offer a free first consultation. In spite of this, financial advisors typically charge low fees for ongoing services. This varies from advisor to advisor. If you are looking at Zoe Financial vs WiserAdvisor, take not eof the vetting process both of these services employ and choose the one you think best weeds out the advisors you might not need.


Fidelity is a financial services company that has been in business for several years now and offers a wide variety of financial products beyond financial advice. It offers investment accounts, savings and checking accounts, debit cards, and financial advice. There are no set up or maintenance fees to open a Fidelity account, and Fidelity has the best customer service out of all of the services reviewed here, with 24/7 access to professional help. The research and educational material from Fidelity are unparalleled and accessible to all account holders. Its financial advisor services are some of the best for beginners, being a full-service brokerage and financial services provider. There is no minimum account balance needed to access financial advisory services, which is good for small investors just getting started.


If you’re a young adult who is just starting out in life, a good financial advisor can help you get your finances on the right track. Investment and retirement planning can begin at any age, and a professional advisor can help you get started right from the beginning, or even if you’re already in an established financial situation. A financial advisor may not be necessary on an ongoing basis, but rather use their services to get you up and running or achieve a specific financial objective. Selecting the best one that fits your budget and fulfills your needs will be a process, but one that you will likely be grateful for in the long term.


1. What are the benefits of connecting with a financial advisor through an app?

The main benefit is the time savings. Connecting through an app means that you do not need to make and keep an appointment, which might not always fit into your schedule. Instead, you can communicate with an advisor anytime you need to, on your terms, either through live chat or messaging.

2. What can a financial advisor help me with?

Financial advisors can take a look at a person’s financial situation and make suggestions for where changes can be made to optimize savings. They can also advise on suitable investments for the person’s financial status, and plan for retirement.

3. How do I know an advisor is trustworthy?

All of these services utilize a vetting procedure to ensure that the financial advisors who are listed on their website or work for them meet certain standards of qualifications and expertise.

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