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Honey vs Fluz vs Rakuten vs BeFrugal vs TopCashback: Which is the Best Cashback App?

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The Best Cashback Apps of 2022
We live in a society where, now, almost anything can be gotten online. Online shopping, especially during the pandemic, took off with a bang as more people began to realize the convenience and versatility of buying what they need from their computers and phones without having to burn gas driving to a store, only to find that what they need might not be on the shelf. In many cases, what you order can show up at your house in just a day or two, and sometimes only within hours. Thanks to cashback apps like Rakuten, you can get some of that money back, and save money, any time you shop online at your favorite retailers. While you won’t earn back a fortune, in these trying economic times, every little bit helps. Should you go with Fluz vs Rakuten, or Fluz vs Honey? If you want to start saving money you already intend to spend on what you need, consider some of the options reviewed here.

Cash Back Services

If you are ready to start saving on your regular spending, have a look at some of these services.


Honey works primarily as a browser extension that detects when you are shopping at one of its partner websites. It works by searching the internet for promos and coupons for that retailer, and applying them for you at checkout with a click. This is somewhat different from other services reviewed here, in that savings are instant at the time of purchase, so there is no cashback to collect. Rather, you get discounts at checkout as you shop, if there are any applicable. Signup is free, and installing the extension on the Google Chrome browser is effortless. If we compare Fluz vs Honey, it would seem that Honey is easier to use, but Fluz has a higher earning potential.


Fluz is a different sort of cashback service and is especially useful in that it stacks with other services like Honey. The main way of earning cashback is by referring your friends. With this model, Fluz tends to work more like a direct sales service rather than a cashback service. By bringing friends into your Fluz tree, your activity directs others to the websites of retailers, sort of like advertising for them. Signing up is free, and you can checkout through the Fluz app. You can choose credit cards, Paypal or Venmo, and then shop either at a brick and mortar store, or online. Once you are done shopping, you total up the entire amount, taxes included, and Fluz generates an e-gift card you use to pay the merchant. Once this is done, you are credited in Fluz for purchases. Once your account reaches $26, you can cash out using PayPal.


Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten was acquired in a buyout and changed its name, but its familiar services remain. Rakuten forms partnerships with thousands of stores to offer cashback options at a wide variety of retailers. There are many ways to do this. You can head to the website and select a store, getting your cashback when you shop there. You can also download the app and shop directly on your phone. Another method is to install the Rakuten extension on your browser that will notify you when it detects you shopping at a partner store website and offer promo codes. If you manage to get a friend to sign up, you can get a $25 referral bonus. Members can get their money by either check or PayPal deposit. By comparing Fluz vs Rakuten, we see that Fluz might give greater returns over time, but Rakuten can give instant cashback.


By partnering with retailers and offering cashback on selected purchases, BeFrugal works much like Rakuten does. Memberships are free, and savings can be over 30% on certain items. Members can also collect digital coupons and promo codes, making online shopping a breeze. BeFrugal is robust enough that the company even offers a $5 bonus if you come across a code that is outdated. BeFrugal also offers $10 sign up bonuses and an extra $10 per friend you get signed up with your personal code. Users can redeem their cashback rewards using PayPal. When we compare Fluz vs BeFrugal, it seems that BeFrugal offers a faster way to start earning instantly.


Due to its policies on revenue sharing, TopCashback is a favorite of logtime cashback shoppers. Because the service earns money through advertisements and sponsors, TopCashback gives its members 100% of its commission revenue. The service will also match offers that are better than theirs from competitors. The service works best through its application or browser extensions and partners with over 4,000 stores. If your friends sign up, you can get a $10 referral bonus for each one. Comparing Fluz vs TopCashback, TopCashback is easier to use and its commission policy has a great earning potential.


The services reviewed here give the everyday shopper a chance to earn back some of the money they are spending, but there are some downsides. The main issue is that it is easy to get into the habit of shopping just for the sake of saving or racking up points, which defeats the purpose if you are shopping for items you don’t need. Developing unhealthy spending habits to work the cashback programs won’t help in the long run. However, so long as you are sticking to shopping for what you need and referring your friends, many of these services can put a significant chunk of change back into your pocket. You may not even need to choose between Fluz vs BeFrugal or Fluz vs TopCashback. Make use of all if them if you have the time!


1. Do these apps sell my information?

Services like Rakuten do not sell the information, but they do share it with some partners. Be aware of this when signing up.

2. How safe are cashback apps?

Services like Rakuten and Honey, and those that have been around a while, are safe, though they do share your information. Some are scams, however, so always research any service you plan to use.

3. What information do these apps collect?

Typically, they collect whatever information you put in your profile when you sign up and your browsing habits.

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