The Features of Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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A gaming keyboard is a keyboard that is specially designed with high-performance switches, LED backlit keys, and dedicated macro keys for gamers. The aim of the gaming keyboard is to make the gamer more competitive and allow the keyboard to respond faster. A mechanical gaming keyboard is a new landmark in gaming keyboards. This gaming keyboard has the following features;

Mechanical switches

It has mechanical switches with an actuation force of 50g. Mechanical keys have the feel of rubber, but with the speed and feedback of mechanical. Pair the mechanical keys with LED backlit, you can have an amazing mechanical gaming keyboard experience. The keyboard features six different pre-programmed profiles.

Backed by Aesthetics

The keyboard is designed to look like a gaming device – including its keycaps and LED backlit. The most beautiful feature of this excellent-looking keyboard is the dual-sided tape labels on all control keys, which makes it easier to find specific keys when you are playing in dark environments or a completely dark room without any light source.

Macro keys

It has dedicated macro keys in the keycaps. For example, the “Escape” key can be programmed to perform “Esc+1” (one) for performing commands in-game or outside of the game program. The keyboard supports up to six user-defined keys, and each key can be assigned multiple functions (eg: Esc+F5).

Tilt function

The keyboard is designed with a special function that allows you to adjust the angle of your keyboard easily, which greatly matches your personal preference. There are two modes, one is the flat mode and the inclined mode.

Anti-ghosting function

It has an N-Key Rollover function to avoid keyboard ghosting issues. With a 6-key rollover, you can have an excellent gaming experience even in a competitive environment. In this mode, it can support up to six simultaneous keystrokes. There are not any functional restrictions even if you hold down the keys for each individual key to become pressed at once. This feature has been the main feature of mechanical keys in recent years and has become the main factor for gamers when choosing a keyboard to play games.

Gaming keyboard with classic white color

The backlit keyboard features a white LED light, which is the most popular color in all kinds of gaming keyboards. There are two modes to adjust your light, one is strong and another is weak. The strong mode will make you feel like a commanding officer on the battlefield; while the weak mode will give you a relaxed mood when playing games or typing documents.

LED lighting effect

There are 12 LED backlit effects in total: Reactive, Fire, Ripple, Wave, Aurora Borealis, Starlight Rainbow, Red & Green Waves Combo Color Effect, Blue & Green Waves Combo Color Effect, Red & Blue Waves Combo Color Effect, and Yellow (strong) Effects. Each effect has 7 levels of brightness.

18 hotkeys

It has 18 hotkeys to perform your frequently used keyboard shortcuts. It includes media control keys, WPS key, calculator control key, and basic operation control key. It also supports quick access to My Computer and Microsoft Windows desktop function. You can change button assignments through the On fly macro recording software.

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