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AirHelp Review: How Does AirHelp Work? Pros and Cons of AirHelp

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AirHelp: The Pros, Cons, and Methods of Passenger Assistance Services

In recent years, air travel has done well to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, but unfortunately, the upswing in the volume of travelers, coupled with a shrinking workforce, flight crews who need to be quarantined, and a variety of other factors, has meant that canceled and delayed flights have become far more common than in the past. Before the advent of a service like AirHelp, passengers were often left to their own devices to navigate the dizzying maze of reimbursement for canceled flights, rescheduling another flight to their destination, getting hotel rooms, and a variety of other annoyances that come with a disrupted trip. This is where a company like AirHelp can be of service. It has been in operation since 2013, is a legitimate business operating under European Union regulation, and assists passengers with their rights when impacted by disrupted air flight travel.

It actually comes as a surprise to many travelers to learn that they have any rights at all. Most people simply assume that they are at the mercy of the airlines and whatever compensation, if any, they are offered for their inconvenience. However, there are many laws in both the Americas and Europe that regulate air travel, and many support passengers. For example, these laws dictate what compensation is available to passengers who have their flights canceled for any reason, and AirHelp assists passengers in keeping up-to-date with these ever-changing laws. If you experience any type of disruption, such as delayed flights, cancellations, problems with your baggage, a missed connection, or being denied boarding privileges, AirHelp can help. Airlines are financially accountable when they are at fault for these situations. Do you want to know how does AirHelp works? This AirHelp Review might help clarify the process.

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How does AirHelp work

So how does AirHelp work? To make use of AirHelp, the customer should go to the check form to first determine if they are eligible. After filling out the form, they are then directed to the proper line of help that will address their problem. Customers should be ready to upload documents about their flight, baggage checks, and anything else given by airlines to begin filing a claim. AirHelp also has a mobile application that will alert customers to their updates concerning their situation. AirHelp charges commission for their services, which usually comes from the amount issued by a claim. It can be anywhere from 20% to 35% of the amount of money the airline gives back.


There are many pros and cons of AirHelp. According to many AirHelp Reviews, the advantages of using a service like AirHelp is that it streamlines the process of filling out several different forms for different laws depending on the passenger’s location and acts as a go-between for the passenger and the airline directly. AirHelp Plus can also help with lost, damaged, or delayed baggage. In addition, compensation can be requested for up to three years after the delayed, canceled, or overbooked flight. On the other hand, the downside to using AirHelp is that the service can take a significant chunk out of the cut of your compensation, in some cases ranging from 1/3 to half of what you would otherwise be awarded. Depending on your airline and home country, filing a claim might be easy enough that you don’t need to use the service at all.


It is up to the passenger himself to determine whether or not the use of AirHelp is worth it, and if the pros and cons of AirHelp fit their needs. For those who are familiar with computers and filling out online forms, especially those in the EU, the process of filing a claim with the airline and even the airport itself is fairly simple. Those in the EU can fill out the EU 261 form that will cover all bases concerning the situation, making it a very simple process. While those in the Americas might have to visit several different websites to file different claims for their inconvenience, the process is still not difficult. On the other hand, for those who are unfamiliar with computers or uncertain about the whole process and whether they have filled out every form they need to fill out, and especially true of those who experience downgrades and overbooking, they might find that AirHelpis worthwhile. Overall, if you don’t want to deal with the problems and runaround that you might experience dealing with airline compensation, AirHelp is a legitimate and solid service for those who might not be up to the task of filing lengthy claims.


1. Is AirHelp trustworthy?

Yes, the company has a 10-year history of fighting for the rights of passengers and helping those who are mystified by the process receive their financial compensation. Of course, nobody is obliged to use the services, and they are quite able to conduct their claim on their own and keep all of the money. But people who don’t travel often and don’t deal with these problems often might find it hard to get through the process on their own. Many AirHelp Reviews by passengers claim the service is very helpful.

2. What is AirHelp’s role in the process?

Once you file your claim with AirHelp, they then take over the process of getting your compensation from the airline. If the problem was especially egregious, such as a missed connection and a lack of offered hotel for the night, something that can total hundreds of dollars for the passenger, getting help from AirHelp is certainly worth the cost.

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