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What is 3,000 Points on Fetch Rewards App

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What to Do With 3K Reward Points on Fetch
If you are using the Fetch Rewards app to get cashback and perks on your purchases and receipts, you already know that accumulating points is the key to this system. The most common way to accumulate points is by scanning your receipts for regular purchases, earning double or triple rewards for partner brands and stores. However, there are other ways of getting points, such as referring friends and family with your personal referral code, which will net you 2K points. You can also earn extra points by completing certain tasks, such as shopping at a specific store at a specific time.

But what do you do with all these points? When can you cash them in? Why is the 3,000-point mark significant? What is 3,000 points on Fetch Rewards worth?

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Using Fetch Rewards Points

In the Fetch Rewards app, you can redeem points for gift cards such as Visa gift cards accepted at most retailers and Amazon and iTunes gift cards. However, you can only do this once your account has reached a minimum of 3K points. Once it has reached this benchmark, you can then begin cashing them out for gift cards. However, users must keep in mind that 1,000 Fetch points only equal one dollar in trade, and thus 3,000 points are $3 worth of gift card dollars. What is 3000 points on Fetch Rewards useful for as a cash-out minimum? This small amount is often not worth cashing out for a gift card, and many users prefer to continue acquiring points until they can cash out for a higher amount. Remember, though, that you also do not want to hold on to large balances of Fetch Reward points. Cashing out at around 25K points is a good strategy. Users should also remember that Fetch accounts have occasionally been hacked, and large balances of points have been lost, so guard against this by cashing the points out at opportune times.

So what is 3000 points on Fetch Rewards good for if you decide to cash out? Well, $3 in the iTunes store is actually worth quite a bit. Many iOS apps are less than this amount. Furthermore, in-app purchases in iOS games are usually under this amount. In fact, a $3 purchase in some games unlocks several valuable items. For Amazon gift cards, $3 will net you a new Kindle book or two. If you are strategic in managing your Fetch Rewards points and diligent about scanning all of your receipts, Fetch Rewards can give you many cash back benefits you never considered.

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Fetch Rewards is very generous in granting points to users, even giving up to 25 points for every receipt scanned, even if it does not contain purchases from partner brands or stores. Referral signups of family and friends nets existing users 2K points for each new sign up. Fetch Rewards has the potential to be even more versatile than credit card reward systems, so gather up your receipts and start scanning for those points!


1. What is the process of cashing out Fetch Reward points?
In the app, tap on the “Rewards” tab and go down to “Categories.” Find a reward you want to redeem and select the monetary amount underneath it. Click on the orange “Get my reward” button at the bottom of the screen, then click “Confirm.” After a processing period of up to 3 days, a virtual gift card will appear in your “My rewards” section. The process will not be complete until you follow the instructions to activate the card. You can then use the virtual gift card number for purchases.

2. What do first time point redeemers need to know?
Fetch Rewards has a stipulation for new members, in that if you have never redeemed points for rewards before, you must first redeem a minimum of 10K ($10) points first before you are allowed to redeem for the lesser 3K amount. For those wonderings “what is 3000 points on Fetch Rewards worth,” remember in this first transaction, it means it is not the minimum required for a cash out. Apply referral code: 55AGK for 2,000 free bonus fetch reward points.

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