How Irish Players Augment Their Finances In Online Casinos

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Many Irish players have been seeking additional sources of income so they can have more money to spend and invest. Interestingly, many have chosen to invest in online casinos where they can play to win real cash. Of course, this interest has much to do with the increase in the top casino sites Ireland, which have amazing games with high payouts. But how have some players made enough money from these casinos to better their lives? We have the answers:

How Financial Augmentation Works in Online Casinos

Have you ever encountered a player who stated that they started with €100 and made thousands from their gameplay? You might think it’s all sales talk, but this is the reality for a fraction of players who have mastered online casino games. They do not treat them as games; instead, they view these activities as business operations. And in so doing, they:

Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions

Regardless of the industry in which you operate, you must constantly seek ways to cut back on operational costs. Irish players have understood that if they spend less on games, they take home a bigger profit. And the easiest way to do so is by:

  • Signing up on sites that offer bonuses: These are incentives for players to join these sites. They can be free spins, free cash, matched deposits, etc. When you use such incentives, you spend less on the games. E.g., if you deposit €100 and the casino gives you an extra €100, you will now have €200. And that pushes your winning chances higher and allows you to enjoy more profits.
  • Using sites with loyalty programs: If you are an avid player, you should bank on sites that reward you for your frequent plays. Some of these sites offer money, free spins, or matched deposits. Some may even offer you free vacations or other prizes unrelated to gaming. Always find sites that are intent on giving back to their loyal players.

Keep an eye on wagering requirements to ensure you do not lose your bonus because of a technicality.

Minimize Transaction Costs

You incur a charge whenever you deposit or withdraw money from your account. It might look like a small fee, but it eats into your profit. For example, if you withdraw money and incur a 1% processing fee on €100, you will lose €1. Assume you have transacted $1,000; you will have lost €10. The best way to avoid these losses is to transact as minimally as possible. You can create a schedule such that you only withdraw your winnings once every month so that the transaction fees will be lower.

Moreover, you can review the costs associated with each payment method and choose the one that’s cheaper in your case. Sometimes, the fastest way is not always the cheapest way.

Plow Back Profits

What do you do with your winnings? When you treat your gameplay like a business, it’s easy to decide where the money will go. Some people choose to enjoy 50% of their wins and invest the rest of the 50% into more games. Doing so enables them to wager on more games which adds to their profit levels. Here is how this can work.

Suppose you start the month with €100 in your account. After a few wins and losses, the month ends with a balance of €250. You will have made €150 in profits. So, you plow back the original €100 and add €75 (half of the €150) to your gameplay for the next month. That way, you will wager €175 and have an extra €75 to enjoy as a gift for your hard work.

It’s always good to gift yourself at the end of the month. While it would seem ideal to plow back the entire amount, you should remember that casino games have no guarantees. You could lose it all, so it’s nice to give yourself a monetary pat on the back when you can.

Have a Clear Bankroll

To remain financially stable when gaming, you must have a budget. Set an amount you are willing and able to spend on the games without draining yourself. Given that you can lose this money at any time, it should be money that you are okay with losing. Here is how this works.

Assume you have €50 left after you have paid your utility bills, invested in some opportunities, and put some money aside for savings. That’s the money you should use in your games. If you lose the money, you stop playing – you do not dip into your savings or start liquidating your assets. 

Finally, it would help if you had a strategy in mind. If you are playing games to win money, you must change your mindset and be more objective than subjective. Treat the gameplay like a business, and the money will soon start showing.

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