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4 Business Ideas for Keen Photographers: How to Make Money from Your Hobby

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With today’s technology, turning your photography hobby into a money-making business can be relatively simple. You can produce money from your photography hobby, such as selling digital or physical copies, putting physical products together for your clients, or starting a photography business. In any case, it is possible to start a business from your hobby! 

1. Sell Digital Copies of Your Photographs 

The most modern way of making money from your photography is selling digital copies of your work. There are many places to sell digital art, like social media, freelancing, iStock, marketplaces, and GettyImages. 

The foremost thing you should know about selling digital copies of your art is how much to charge. The price is relatively simple to figure. It varies from person to person, location, and experience. 

2. Put Together Physical Products for Your Clients

Physical products for your clients to buy are an ideal way to make money from photography. You can print a picture on almost anything nowadays. 

Things you should consider investing in for your business: 

  • Calendar.
  • Prints.
  • T-shirt.
  • Tote Bags.
  • Mugs.
  • Blankets. 
  • Photo books. 

You can choose from calendar templates and make a calendar in under 20 minutes! Your customer will not forget where they got that calendar with 12 different pictures of their family, one for each month.

Which means they will come back! Physical products will give you repeat and loyal customers while promoting and raising awareness of your company. 

3. Head to Your Local Art Store or Gallery and Sell Your Snapshots

Selling your work at a local art shop may be one of the easier ways to make money from your hobby, mainly if you live in a big city. 

Follow these simple steps to learn how to sell your prints at an art shop: 

  1. Make a list of the local art stores in your specific city or location.
    • Identify small businesses or gift shops as well. 
  2. Cross off any places that don’t sell similar products. 
    • For example, you should cross off a grocery store that doesn’t sell art, prints, pictures, or anything of the sort. 
  3. Prepare your pitch. 
    • A suitable pitch is a summary of what your business entails. 
    • Keep your pitch short and sweet; no one has time to listen to an hour-and-a-half-long pitch. 
  4. Be prepared to get rejected. 
    • Rejection is likely; stores could have too much inventory or simply don’t want to sell your work. 
  5. Make your connection with the art shop, gift shop, or small business. 
    • Set up a time to meet and discuss further details. 
  6. Meet with your potential client, the store owner. 
    • Express your passion involving your art. 
    • Elaborate why your art would be suitable and would sell well. 

If you don’t prevail the first few times, don’t let that discourage you! Sometimes, business isn’t so good, but it is bound to get better! 

4. Begin a Company 

One of the most general ways of making money from your hobby is turning your hobby into a company. Starting a photography business is relatively easy with some dedication. First things first, make a business plan. What do you plan to create with your photography business?

Next, you must create an online portfolio so people and potential customers can check out your work and capabilities. You can do this by creating a website effortlessly, which is another thing you should consider doing. 

Creating a website can brand yourself and spread the word. You can make your website extravagant or simplistic and down to the point. Financial health is a pivotal factor to the success of a brand. Visit Income Artist to learn more about the best saving accounts, insurance, mortgage lenders, and online brokers that will help your business grow.


To conclude, you can make money from your photography hobby in numerous ways, such as selling to your local art or gift shops, digital copies online, or physical products your consumers can purchase.

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